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The fantastic Ali Naqi Memorial Tournament continues to shine after ten years

The AZYB Memorial Football Tournament was started in the loving memory of Ali Naqi back in 2006. Ali Naqi Shah, a young youth from the London community, tragically passed away in March 2006, aged 20. He had suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing football at Westfield. Ali Naqi has been greatly missed by everyone who knew him and so this memorial football tournament is for his remembrance, and to bring family and friends together through sport.

A decade on, the tournament is going stronger, and reaching further than ever before. Following the mantra that ‘charity starts at home’, young people from the Al Zahra Centre in Watford are raising money from the annual event to make a difference in their community. To date, they have raised over £2000 for local charities, and aim to continue doing so. In the video below, Ali’s nephew, Mustafa, and his mother, Sakina, visit the causes which will be receiving the donations from this year’s tournament.

For more information on how to sign your own team up for the next contest, and how to donate to the cause, get in touch with the team behind the initiative:  [email protected]

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