Tips to Organize your Ramadan Calendar

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Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace, said, “Whoever provides a fasting person food to break the fast will earn a reward equal to the reward of that fast, without the fasting person’s reward decreasing in the least.”

Ramadan will look different this year. We will be fasting and praying inside of our homes instead of gathering in masjids. Even though we spent last Ramadan doing the same, it still doesn’t make it easy. One way that can make it easier is being focused on the blessings of the month. To help you stay organized and focused on blessings this Ramadan, we have some helpful tips that you can use to make the most of this treasured month.

Make the Intention to Fast and Worship

Ramadan is a time of immense blessings. What better way to reap the benefits of Ramadan than through fasting and worship? Before Ramadan begins, make room on your Ramadan calendar to ensure you fast consistently and diligently.

In the Quran, God tells us fasting is compulsory on us so that we may become righteous:

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” [Quran 2:183].

Plan for Prayer

Prayer is such an essential part of Ramadan. Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace said:

“Whoever establishes prayers during the nights of Ramadan faithfully out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards (not for showing off), all his past sins will be forgiven.”

One blessing of the pandemic is that we won’t be spending so much time driving to and from the masjid. Ensure you make a space devoted to praying taraweeh at home. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but a clean, tidy spot in your home with a lovely prayer rug and beads will make you look forward to praying.

Plan Out Your Meals

Save time and energy in Ramadan by meal prepping. No one wants to cook while fasting, and it allows you to plan menu items that are not only filling but nourishing, too. Some ideas for fast, easy, nourishing meals are:

If you plan, you can even make and freeze more elaborate Ramadan dishes.

Recite Quran Every Day

In Ramadan, we shouldn’t just recite the Quran during prayer but recite it and study it beyond that. The Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Our relationship with God is through his words in our holy book. What better way to cultivate this relationship than by making time to recite and understand God’s words?

“(It is) the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed as a guidance for humanity, clear proofs giving guidance, and the Criterion (for distinguishing right and wrong). So, whoever of you witnesses this month, let him fast it” [Quran 2:185].

Our beloved Prophet, on him be peace, used to sit and study the Quran with Jibril, on him peace, during Ramadan:

Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him, narrates, saying, “The Messenger of Allah, on him be peace, was the most generous person, and he would be at his most generous in Ramadan because Jibril would come to him every night and he would study the Quran with him. Truly, when Allah’s Messenger, on him be peace, would meet Gabriel, he would be more generous than a fleeting wind.” 

Give More Charity

Ramadan is a time for compassion and giving. While we may not be able to gather as a community, you can still stay connected to your community through giving. When you give charity, you are not only helping your brothers and sisters in humanity; you are gaining the pleasure of God. Giving iftar to a needy brother or sister is especially rewarded.  

Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace, said, “Whoever provides a fasting person food to break the fast will earn a reward equal to the reward of that fast, without the fasting person’s reward decreasing in the least.”

Zakat Foundation of America lets you make an iftar gift to the neediest among us worldwide through their Seasonal Islamic Giving program.

It is recommended to give beyond Zakat and Zakat al-Fitr so that families with limited incomes can eat consistently, buy essentials and care for their families. Whatever charity you need to share, Zakat Foundation of America can help you. Click here to make a gift.

We hope these tips allow you to have a joyous and productive Ramadan!

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