New Muslim App is Breaking Barriers in Uniting Muslim Communities

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With groundbreaking features that enable us to not only grow in our faith as individuals but as a community, CollabDeen is the way forward when it comes to how we engage with our faith, our community, and our relationship with Allah.

This startup focuses on empowering Muslim communities worldwide with ‘privacy-focused community’ collaboration and a Giving platform. Now CollabDeen is breaking barriers when it comes to how we fully engage with the holy month of Ramadan.

CollabDeen uses modern technology with private and secure features – and is also ad-free, ensuring that our time spent on this app during Ramadan is put to good use.

This Ramadan, they launched some of the features for users include accurate prayer times without tracking the location, a Qibla where the user can locate the direction of prayer in an Augmented Reality view, a tasbeeh counter along with phrases for tasbeeh, live feed showing the position of the Moon based on the Hijri calendar for your city.

In addition, this app also has a feature for a prayer wall – for you, your loved ones, or others in need! There are also numerous ways to learn and grow in our faith on the app, including a section on Asma ul Husna – the 99 Names of Allah – where we can understand and call upon all of Allah’s Names (the app has this in 28 languages!), a list of Islamic and historical dates in a special Muslim calendar, and a 24-hour Quran radio where we can listen to the holy Quran being recited at any time of the day. The full Quran is also available on the app for those who would instead read the Holy Book and study Tafseer.

CollabDeen also features a Global Dhirkr Campaign, where you can do the praises of Allah while seeing your contribution to the global count of dhikr from Muslims around the world. The feeling of the Muslim ummah coming together is also celebrated on the app with spiritual feeds of the Kaaba in Mecca and Masjid An-Nabawi in Medina.

With groundbreaking features that enable us to not only grow in our faith as individuals but as a community as well, CollabDeen is the way forward when it comes to how we engage with our faith and our relationship with Allah.

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With an intensive focus on protecting the privacy of users, including a Guest user feature for those who want to experience CollabDeen without signing up, the app also does not even use your location most of the times – you can use your city name instead of the location to find prayer times. And with a completely ad-free user experience, we can be ensured that we are not getting distracted and instead focus fully on our faith and our learning as Muslims.

CollabDeen’s plan is to build this in multiple layers and functions: focusing on the most fundamental and private use case – communities — making it as secure as possible, and then develop more ways for people to interact on top of that, including messaging, live video, groups, stories, payments, commerce, and ultimately a platform for many other kinds of private services.

If you are a community admin, create your free community on CollabDeen here!

Install CollabDeen App here and get 12-month premium app access (worth $120)

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