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She told her dad she wants to take off her hijab – his answer was unexpected

A Muslim girl’s text to her father went viral, and for good reason…

Lamyaa, a 17 Muslim girl from Pennsylvania, who proudly wears the hijab, is used to being harassed about her Muslim faith (like most American Muslims these days).

On April 14th, she Tweeted an incredibly offensive text message that she had received. It read:

“Stop defending Islam [expletive] shut up you couldn’t take that scarf off or your dad would beat your [expletive].”

The text made Lamyaa decide to actually text her dad and tell him that she wanted to take off her hijab. She tweeted the exchange (which has now received over 140,000 retweets):


Her father’s response is what went viral:


“I have gotten many heartwarming messages of people showing me support, but also of people wanting to learn more about Islam or wanting to be a part of it,” Lamyaa says. “I felt like I could help in a way, and it was very humbling.”

“People believe that Islam is misogynistic, hateful, or violent, and I think that stems from their inability to differentiate culture and religion… Islam is a religion and, like all religions, it is what you bring to it.”

Her viral Tweet has shown the online world that the hijab is a symbol of empowerment as opposed to one of oppression.

“I wear my hijab because it is sacred to me,” Lamyaa says. “It displays my connection to my faith and God. When I have the hijab on, I act kinder and I am more aware of what I say and do. This is because not only am I representing myself, but I am representing a faith much bigger than me.”

You can see her tweet here:


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  1. This is what happens when you fail to instill proper Islamic education within your child.Common issue among the Muslims in north America. Very sad a father would encourage such a decision within his daughter.

  2. Mother of Jesus Mary, wives of Abraham Sarah and Hajrah, Mother Theresa, Lady Magdalene, Rubecca , nuns, saints etc were wearing hijab. Why is it very big issue if Muslim women wear hijab? The westener claim to be Christian, then why are they antichrist?

  3. Wearing hijab is all about what Allah SWT wants woman moslem to do. Keep talking to Allah in every your Du’a whether taking it off is a better idea or not. and follow your heart. Always trying follow what Allah wants as you could. If you do believe He will always help you out no matter what, so keep wearing Hijab. May Allah makes this easier for you.
    When i decided wearing hijab, it was my precious effort to be closer to Him & obey Him, out of my comfort zone.
    Always count of His help & Trust Him.
    In shaa Allah

  4. Lets not kid ourselves. We all know that not all Muslim parents are this understanding. Even if they were, the backlash and gossip from the community would make the girl/woman feel ostracised. As the Islam practised today is monolithic, there’s no room for interpretation. Hence why people would say the individuals are sinning etc etc. This topic in itself is just insensitive to all those hijabis in the closet. To all those who had to wear it at a young age, not necessarily out of force. And when they grow up and decide it’s not for them there’s not much that can be done. It’s easier to be a non hijabi in the Muslim community than to be a former hijabi.

    1. Hijab is of the mind and actions too. People are so pre occupied with the way people look it is sad really.

      So much analysis on such a simple topic. Women should be free to dress as they please.

      In Islam women dress modestly in accordance to the Qur’an. Its that simple -we do not dress to please people. All our goals and deeds are for the pleasure of Allah Swt. Who cares what people think?

      They can like it or lump it. Dont enforce your ideas upon others and at the same time maintain the standards set by The Al-Mighty,All Wise Al-Maalik Lord of the worlds.

  5. While its commendable what her dad said. I beleive no Muslim man or Woman needs to change their ways to appease any Bigot anywhere. Let them burin in Muslim hate, and just give em a simple message ‘Mozlem Power all the way Baby!!!”

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