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This father of three is creating a Netflix-like app for Muslim kids

Ali Huda is a Netflix-like video on demand streaming app for Muslim kids – seeking to not only entertain, but also educate!

The planned app will have ad-free curated TV shows, movies and cartoons for Muslim kids.

Maruf, father of 3 kids, says that his children are growing up on YouTube, watching hours of videos. As a parent, his worry stems from the lack of control over what his children watch and what they are exposed to via ads. Unlike his parents and unlike all of our parents, children in today’s day and age most likely do not read as many books, and rather learn from the interactive medium of videos.

It’s this world of trending technology that we can’t fight – and neither should we, he says. Instead, Maruf wants to use this to the benefit of Muslim parents. Imagine there was an app, similar to YouTube or Netflix, where kids can watch entertaining videos and learn new things based on core Islamic values?

Cue Ali Huda – the video streaming platform for Muslim kids. Children can watch halal shows on Ali Huda anywhere, anytime and as much as they want. The keys are quality; quantity; no ads and an affordable price.

Ali Huda seeks to bring 1000s of videos produced by Islamic TV channels onto one unified platform. Discussions have already began with Islamic TV channels, with some already agreeing to bring shows onto this platform.

The campaign has a wide array of goals that you can donate towards. With a $25 donation for example, Ali Huda can be launched on a web platform, so children can watch it on desktop computers and laptops. With a $50 donation, Ali Huda can be launched on Amazon Fire TV.

You can find out more about Ali Huda and donate over on their Launchgood page.


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