10 Hijabi Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Here are 10 hijabi influencers you MUST follow on Instagram!

Here are 10 hijabi influencers you MUST follow on Instagram!

The Instagram world is full of influencers of the micro and mega kind, showcasing beautifully curated looks and lifestyles to their thousands upon millions of followers. We choose to follow these influencers for so many different reasons. Maybe we like their sense of style or their humor. Maybe we aspire to adopt some aspect of their lifestyle. Maybe they bring us joy. Maybe we learn valuable things from them.

Who we choose to follow on Instagram can influence our lives in ways we may not even realize. After all, that’s why they are called influencers. At Haute Hijab, our social media team has been privileged to work with several influencers on various endeavors, from those centered around hijab and modest fashion to changemaker events to charitable and social justice causes. 

If you’re looking for some dynamic Muslim women to follow on Instagram who will add value, inspiration and substance to your feed, these are some of our favorites:

Dr. Fatimah Fahs

Source: @dermy_doctor

A mom and dermatologist, Dr. Fatima gives invaluable insight about skincare and also shares relatable parts of her life while simultaneously balancing a career and raising children.

Follow Dr. Fatima on Instagram.


Source: @sohamt

This Dubai-based Egyptian influencer puts together quirky and bold outfits that are still wearable and practical. She showcases many international and local brands, making her looks and her commitment to modest fashion accessible to women everywhere.

Follow Soha on Instagram.

Sumaya Ali


Sumaya is a London-based influencer who works in the STEM field by day and inspires women to wear high-end modest fashion by night. We love seeing the bold colors she wears around the city, especially when she pairs them with our Premium Jersey hijabs

Follow Sumaya on Instagram.

Eileen Lahi

Source: @eslimah

Qatar-based Estonian influencer Eileen Lahi’s photos feature her breathtaking travels, giving her audience major wanderlust as she shows corners of the earth many have never even thought to explore.

Follow Eileen on Instagram.

Simply Jaserah 

Source: @simplyjaserah

Jaserah’s audience cannot get enough of her fresh and simple style, and neither can we. Not only does she share fashion and home finds, but she also talks about her work as a petroleum engineer technologist, and shares insights on how she balances blogging with her full-time work.

Find Jaserah on Instagram.

Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir

Source: @bilqisabdulqaadir

Bilqis broke records and tore it up on the basketball court in high school and college, but her dream to play professionally ended due to a FIBA rule prohibiting head gear, and Bilqis chose her faith and her hijab over her sport. Through her tireless advocacy, she helped bring about FIBA’s overturning of the ban. We love her sporty style, her inspiring advocacy work and her honest musings on motherhood, Muslimah life and sport. 

Follow Biqlis on Instagram.

Omaya Zein 

Source: @omayazein

Omaya Zein is a U.S.-based Influencer who has recently grown even more popular in recent years through her activity on TikTok and Instagram with her husband, Mohamed. Most recently, they have opened up about their infertility journey and IVF in hopes of showing others that they are not alone. They are both now expecting their first child, Insha’Allah, and we pray the very best for both parents and baby!

Follow Omaya on Instagram.


Source: @sebinaah

UK-based influencer Sebina has a fun style that she compliments well with showing us moments from her life that many women can relate to, like pregnancy and motherhood!

Find Sebina on Instagram.

Hakeemah Cummings 

Source: @hakeemahcmb

We love Hakeemah, an accomplished stylist, for many reasons, including her commitment to modest fashion, her charity work (with A Continuous Charity and other organizations and endeavors), her hilarious reels and how she highlights the work of Black Muslims and Muslimahs as well as calling out racism in our communities. She’s also our resident fashion writer at Haute Hijab!

Follow Hakeemah on Instagram.

Sali Al Digs

Sali is a Canadian-based modest-fashion blogger who covers the hilarious and more difficult experiences of being a mother of two. She also shares tips on what to feed your kids and what activities to do with them to keep them engaged. She has us in stitches on Tiktok with her hilariously relatable content.

Follow Sali on Instagram.

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