10 Apps That Every Muslim Should Have

Time to download some amazing new apps!

Thanks to technology, our lives have become more interconnected with information and knowledge at our fingertips. With a 1.8bn population, it is no surprise that there’s a huge Islamic app market with a variety of apps available – from AR experiences of famous mosques to halal fashion marketplaces.

In no particular order, here are 10 apps every Muslim should have and download!

1. Collabdeen

One of the smartest and feature-full apps is Collabdeen, which provides utilities for the normal Muslim such as an AR qibla and a Qur’an radio, as well as communities with easy fundraising solutions with integrated apple pay and google pay support and RVSP to community events.

With 462 centres joining Collabdeen so far, this app provides the best community experience for those wanting to go digital from anywhere.

2. Islamic GPS

The first AR Islamic app, Islamic GPS, allows Muslims to delve into famous Islamic heritage sights such as the holy Ka’ba and Masjid al Aqsa like they were there in person with a tour guide.

The app will also give directions to the nearest mosques to you within 20km.

3. Scan halal food

We’ve been there before; we’re in a shop and have seen something nice but don’t understand the incomprehensible ingredients on the back and need to know if this product is halal or not. This is where scan halal comes in; scanning the barcode of the product will quickly provide you information on whether it is halal or not.

Although the app is Australian, it still works on most brands available in stores but if you can’t find the product, you can alternatively download Scan halal food by MyOnlyIslam which scans the individual ingredients of the products to find halal and haram additives.

4. Qur’an tajwid

Reciting the Qur’an is something Muslims should aim to do every day but the tajwid is quite challenging to grip.

This app is an all-in-one guide aiding people to recite the Qur’an with the correct tajwid providing lessons from the basics to the advanced stages allowing you to study alone or with a teacher.

5. Aghaz

For a long time investing has had many non-Sharia compliant components such as riba (interest) which makes it difficult for a Muslim to access the ever-growing investment market. However, with Aghaz you can receive returns from investments compared to the non-Sharia compliant ones even if you are a beginner.

Like any robo-advisor, Aghaz will perform research and select high-performing stocks for its clients but with the added assurance that it is 100% halal. Aghaz also allows you to set goals for saving including Hajj and Umrah as well as allowing you to pay Zakat and Sadaqa.

6. Alchemiya

Dubbed as the “Muslim Netflix”, Alchemiya is the on-demand platform providing content for Muslims celebrating culture, art, history, science, people, and places. Now snapped up by Amazon Prime Video, Alchemiya has a huge library of drama series, Muslim kids TV, global Muslim cinema, and documentaries.

7. Qur’an companion

Developed by Bilal Memon, a hafiz-e-Qur’an, Qur’an Companion allows Muslims to memorise the Qur’an.

With its revolutionary social-led gamification and scientifically-backed learning techniques, learning the Qur’an has never been easier and has numerous features such as challenges, lesson plans, global leaderboards, and group challenges make the Qur’an “fun, easy, accessible, and convenient for the everyday Muslim” in Bilal’s own words.

8. Modanisa

Founded by Kerim Ture in Istanbul, Modanisa has become the largest modest fashion company in the world.

With products available for shipping to 26 countries including the UK, Australia, and the US, Modanisa is the first truly global Muslim brand providing a platform for any small producer and designer to the world. The app also provides a slick shopping experience in six different languages.

9. HMC

We’ve definitely experienced this one before; you search for a halal restaurant on Google, a place comes up but on closer inspection, you find these restaurants aren’t actually halal.

No need to worry now however, with the official Halal Monitoring Committee app powered by Halal Now which allows you to find HMC verified restaurants and butchers near you.

10. Have Halal Will Travel

Last but not least is the Singapore-based Have Halal Will Travel which provides the Muslim traveller halal itineraries and guides to travel the world.

With destinations such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Greece, Netherlands, UK, and the US, travelling halal has never been made so easy!




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