5 Facts About Chinese Hui Muslims

Where do the Hui come from? Why do they enjoy, unlike their co-religionists Uyghurs, this relative freedom of worship? What relations do they have with the Muslim world and the various Chinese powers?

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To get ready for this incredible documentary, here are 5 quick facts about Chinese Hui Muslims:

1. Hui Muslims are the largest Muslim ethnic group in China

While there are around 10 different Muslim ethnic groups in China, the Hui Muslims make up the largest group – today there are around 10.5 million Hui Muslims in China.


2. Mandarin Chinese is their first language

Considered Chinese Muslims (and not Turkic or Mongolian like many other ethnic groups), Hui Muslims have intermingled with the majority Han Chinese ethnic group and are today considered to be ethnically Chinese Muslims.

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3. Hui Muslims first came to China in the 7th century

Descended from merchants, soldiers, handicraftsmen, and scholars from Central Asia and Persia, Hui Muslims were officially recognized as an ethnic Muslim majority group during the Ming Dynasty.

4. Most Hui Muslims today live in the western regions of China

Although many Hui Muslims today live in large cities such as Beijing for work and opportunities, most continue to live in the western regions of China, including the provinces or autonomous regions of Xinjiang (East Turkestan), Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, and Yunnan.

5. Hui Muslims have contributed greatly to Islamic scholarship, teaching, and sciences

Some of the most famous Hui Muslims include Liu Zhi, an Islamic scholar and theologian during the Qing dynasty, Muhammad Ma Jian, another Islamic scholar from Yunnan and translator of the Quran into Chinese, Wang Zi-Ping, a highly regarded martial artist who also participated in the Boxer Rebellion, and Ma Yuanzhang, a Jahriyya Sufi leader and scholar.

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