17 Amazing Islamic Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Transform your Instagram feed by following these awesome Islamic art accounts 😍

Transform your Instagram feed by following these awesome Islamic art accounts 😍

Looking for some amazing Islamic art accounts to follow on Instagram? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of some of the best ones out there. From gorgeous calligraphy to stunning landscapes and paintings, these Islamic art accounts will liven up your Instagram feed!

Aadil Abedi

Aadil creates a range of artistic designs connected by the central theme of showcasing the beauty of the Arabic script. Aadil strongly believes such beauty transcends faith, ideology, and culture and is not limited to a traditional canvas. He conveys such universality through a unique deconstructed approach to bringing the Arabic script to life.

Born and raised in London, Aadil has painted for renowned figures such as Hollywood actor Riz Ahmed, HUDA Beauty founders and Bollywood royalty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. He has collaborated with the modest fashion house ‘VERONA Collections’, and his work was featured in ABC’s NCIS series.

Copyright: aadilabedi

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Hafsa Khan

Hafsa primarily works with paint and graphic design. She has been an artist for almost 15 years. Hafsa’s art incorporates both of her identities to produce work that reflects her hyphenated self, focusing on drawing immigrant women that make up the South Asian diaspora.

Copyright: hafandhaf

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Farwa Moledina

Since moving to the UK from Dubai in 2010, Birmingham-based artist Farwa Moledina has set about reclaiming the narrative around Muslim women.

Moledina, who has exhibited work at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Midlands Art Centre and also as part of the Lahore Biennale, creates strong, intricate works that incorporate patterns, textiles and symbols. She is inspired by the work of the Moroccan photographer Lalla Essaydi, who is best known for her depiction of Arabic female identity, and also by the writer Edward Said’s critique of orientalism.

Her forthcoming exhibition, Women of Paradise at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK on 13 November 2022, is inspired by the four women named by the prophet Muhammad as the Women of Paradise: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Fātima bint Muhammad, Maryam bint Imran, and Asiya bint Muzahim.

Copyright: farwamoledina

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Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan has a passion for Islamic architecture and explores this in her magnificent paintings. When interviewed about her work, she said:

Islamic architecture tends to be highly detailed, and I try to replicate and depict those details in my paintings as much as I can. The creative process entails the manipulation of a number of art techniques in order to create a lifelike scene in my paintings, such as the lighting; deciding which angle to have the lighting from the sun/moon hit the subject matter in order to paint the shadows and bright areas, the composition; this is the vantage point I choose for the angle I’d like to showcase in my painting, colour combinations, mood/atmosphere of the scenery and so on. It can take 45-60 hours to complete a painting depending on the size and level of detail, which usually takes over a month or two.”

Copyright: khalq.art

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Zainab Kazaz

Zainab Kazaz is a painter and freelance children’s book illustrator, specialising in art about Islam and its role models, the Ahlul-Bayt.

Despite deciding to choose a career in Art instead of Psychology in 2018, she was still able to use her insights from her degree on a blank canvas. She is known for her use of emotive, vibrant colours, be it the gold of the shrines of the Imams or the red of the fire from the burning of the tents in Karbala. Zainab’s main aim is to convey the emotions portrayed by the Shia Muslims through her paintings. Her work is meant to inspire Muslims to reflect on their religion, and on themselves, through the examples of pious and humble characters from Islamic history.

Copyright: zkazaz

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Salwa Najm

Salwa Najm is a contemporary realist and calligraphy painter who lives and works in Windsor, Ontario. With a strong admiration of Islamic history and architecture, her detailed and colourful paintings pay homage to the most magnificent mosques built throughout the centuries. Her distinctive personal style emanates joy, and peace, yet also expresses the vibrant spirit of the diverse Islamic culture.

Copyright: salwanajmart

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Razwan Ul-Haq

Razwan is a Pakistani calligrapher who entered into Islamic art through Arabic calligraphy using hand-cut bamboo pens. Initially inspired by his uncle, the award-winning Arabic calligrapher and scribe Maulvi Fazal Azeem, Razwan Ul-Haq has spent his life creating visual art out of distilling traditional Arabic calligraphy techniques.

Razwan Ul-Haq’s work cuts across many themes and has been featured in the national press, including the Times, BBC, and Channel 4, as well as internationally, such as USA Today. His past commissions include being approached by Leeds City Art Gallery to celebrate the presence at the Gallery of ten drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, on loan to the Gallery from the Royal Collection to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Queen. He is not related to any member of the Royal family.

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Ukhti Arts

Ukhti Arts created handmade Islamic arts and gifts. From calligraphed Quranic ayahs to bookmarks, she specialises in a wide range of Islamic art that can be bought as a gift for a loved one.

Copyright: ukhti_arts

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Nehar Calligraphy

Nehar is a calligrapher who founded Nehar Calligraphy to honour Islam through art. Her goal is to spread the magnificent beauty of the Quranic scripture and its powerful meaning through contemporary art designs.

Copyright: neharcalligraphy

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Thabz Islamic Artistry

Thabz creates bespoke Islamic frames for weddings and other special occasions. Her trademark is to shiny and glittery colours that literally sparkle.

Copyright: thabz_islamic_artistry

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Syed Rahman

Syed Rahman, also known as Saif, officially started Modern Wall Art in 2014 with his father from their basement in Chicago. Modern Wall Art has been successfully designing 3D decor and making stainless steel Islamic art and furniture for over ten years. In 2014, Saif first started off with an Etsy and eBay page. Then next came a website, then a small studio space in Skokie, Illinois, in 2016. In 2018 the actual gallery opened, and then the location in Bridgeview opened in 2020.

Copyright: modernwallart

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Shafina Ali

Shafina is a London-based Bangladeshi artist focusing on traditional Islamic art using various art materials, including 24k genuine gold and handmade paint. Her designs are meticulously drawn and intricate – all by her own hands. She uses her skills to draw Islamic patterns and write ayat of the Quran.

Copyright: islamicartgallery

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Aminah creates custom Arabic calligraphy canvases and also specialises in Islamic-themed planners, such as deen trackers and Sh Ramadan planners – which are free!

Copyright: by_aminah

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Farah Nosheen Iqbal

Farah has had a passion for art since she was a child and would explore different styles of artwork throughout the years and found Mandalas to be her favourite.

Mandala art is intricate, symmetrical, geometrical, colourful and visually stunning. It is the art that she was most drawn and connected to. She says,  “Mandala art also allowed me to combine my religion with it, enabling me to learn and increase my knowledge of Islam. This is something I hope others can gain from my pieces, too – have something striking and beautiful to look at whilst getting in touch with their Imaan (Faith) and Deen (religion).”

Copyright: fni.art

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Teakster’s work has been featured in publications and prestigious institutions across the USA, UAE, Europe, and the Far East for over a decade. He has also exhibited my work to a diverse range of audiences, including various eminent world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty.

From illustration projects for festivals and branding designs for new product introductions to assisting large organisations in building a smoother user experience for their applications or websites. Great design adds value to products and services. His design business is focused on providing unique and well-thought-through designs that will benefit their organisations through brand awareness and brand focus.

Copyright: teakster_art

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Samira Mian

A budding artist and experienced educator with a passion for Islamic Geometry, Samira shares a passion for the compass and straight-edge constructions of Islamic Geometric Patterns. For her, it is an immensely satisfying pursuit, from analysing and constructing the patterns to painting them in watercolours and gouache and, of course, teaching others, bringing this art form to a wider audience.

Copyright: samira.mian

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