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Ahlan Art’s fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Ahlan Art’s fundraiser for Great Ormond Street Hospital came about with the idea to celebrate our busy year with a positive end, and especially in line with the celebration of Christmas. At Ahlan Art, we’ve worked closely with a number of organisations and charities to create sustainable partnerships and support great causes.

This year, our chosen is charity is Great Ormond Street Hospital as we want our drive to help children and babies at the hospital. Having recently seen the relentless efforts, dedication and constant care given to both children and their families by the fantastic doctors, nurses and staff members of GOSH, we agreed their devotion should be rewarded, too.


We wished to create an event where we could raise money to buy as many gifts for the children who are under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Upon brainstorming at Ahlan Art, we settled upon the idea of the traditional and good-old raffle draw fundraiser. With the help of a Meetup group “Connecting Muslims” we created a fundraising prize draw in which the chosen winner and a runner-up would be gifted with a special, limited edition art piece, courtesy of Ahlan Art.

So the tickets went on-sale and the fundraising raffle for GOSH begun. We saw how the heart-wrenching stories attendees shared of their family/friends’ experiences changed the mood in the room.

We’re pleased to announce that our fundraising event in aid of GOSH was a huge success! It brought people of all faiths and backgrounds together as one. It allowed for different communities to work alongside each other, inspiring and helping each other. Each year Ahlan Art hopes to pick new partners to work with, so that together, we can help foster new partnerships and support up and coming artists and creatives establish themselves and pursue successful careers.

Ahlan Art

Connecting Muslims 

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity 

Ahlan Art is an established Islamic Art gallery which aims to create a new perspective for Islamic Art by bringing together a community of creative professionals around the world. Through showcasing unique works of art, we hope to portray diverse concepts and messages. We offer Ahlan Artists a unique platform to share their story and voice the passion within each piece. Through the online platform, artists can showcase and sell their pieces to local and international audiences.

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