Gallery: Places You’ll Pray

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Places You’ll Pray is a photo series of young American Muslims praying in public spaces outside of a mosque, and now features people from around the world. Each image is paired with a quote from the subject speaking of a specific memory pertaining to prayer, or the importance of prayer to that specific individual.

In speaking with the author of the series, Sana Ullah says:

We tend to fear what we don’t know and so I hope that a simple image of a man or woman praying in a location outside of the mosque will spark curiosity to question one’s current perspective. I hope that an image of someone in prostration will lead the viewer to engage himself/herself in an educated conversation about Muslims, Islam, America, and identity itself.

If I can get one person— at least one —to see Muslims and/or Islam in a more positive perspective, I have succeeded in my goal.

Here are some of our favourites from her series:

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"It is easier for me to find signs of God outside, so I prefer to pray outdoors (in the visible midst of Creation). It's just me and God. I'm focused and nothing else around me matters," said Katarzyna Clarke, while Dallas Platt nodded in agreement. Both medical students from Australia, Clarke and Platt joined me for maghrib prayer at Georgetown Waterfront in Washington, D.C. on Thurs, June 23, 2016. (Photo by #PlacesYoullPray). ——– Ever since I introduced this project to Instagram, I remember Katarzyna sending in images to contribute to the hashtag. From bus stops to staircases, her Instagram handle became familiar to me, but I never imagined I would get to meet any of the Instagram followers or #PlacesYoullPray contributors, let alone have someone I've never met volunteer to be a part of my photo series. It was a pleasure to meet, break fast, and pray maghrib with Katarzyna and her partner, Dallas, in #Georgetown as they passed through #Washington, D.C. on their way to get married! Best wishes to you both! (P.S. For those of you living in NYC or the DMV area and are interested in being a part of my project, please send me a private message. I cannot wait to meet more of you and hear your stories as the project continues to grow!) 📷 Sincerely, Sana // #IGDC #ExposedDC #FotoDC #MyFeatureShoot

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