#SufiComicsSundays – Discovering the Pleasure of Prayer


I’ve been in bed since 10pm, but I’m still tossing and turning uncomfortably. I haven’t eaten since 2pm, and my stomach is screaming for food. So I get out of bed, and make my way towards the kitchen. I open the fridge, and out tumbles a glass jar.


It crashes to the ground and breaks into pieces.

“Oh great! Just what I need. Now what do I do?” I think to myself. It’s dark and I have no footwear on. One wrong move and I could have sharp glass pieces in my foot. So I begin to tread with careful steps towards the switch. My senses are heightened. My mind was on full alert. I have no thoughts other than the single purpose of getting to the light switch unharmed.


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After the incident I reflect, what if I performed my prayers in the same way? With clear purpose. Being fully alert. Having no thoughts other than the words I use to communicate with God. The Lord of Universe has invited us to talk to him. How much more enjoyable our prayers would be if we performed our prayers with that awareness?

Discovering the Pleasure of Prayer

Previously, prayer for me seemed like a chore – something to tick off my to-do list. I used to wonder how companions of the Prophet like Abu Dhar would find pleasure spending a whole night in ruku. But when I think of prayer in this way, it becomes something I look forward to.

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