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Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan (The Brown Hijabi) Just Tore Up Mehreen Baig’s Documentary “Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong With Asian Men”

BBC Two’s ‘Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong For Asian Men’ is getting backlash online.

Presented by Mehreen Baig, the documentary series aims to investigate the struggles that face British-Asian men.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, AKA The Brown Hijabi, who went viral last year for her incredible spoken word piece This is Not a Humanising Poem, took to Twitter to voice her frustration in what she called a reproduction of racist, culturally essentialising trope.

Suhaiymah’s concerns were directly aimed at Mehreen Baig and her dishonesty in context and her own so-called insider status.

Suhaiymah didn’t hold back, continuing to express her anger in an incredible thread.

Suhaiymah goes on to say that Baig’s approach is trying to claim “closeness to whiteness”:

The Brown Hijabi also tackled the sexism portrayed by Baig’s purposefully degrading questions to the British-Asian boys in the personal film:

She ended her thread with some harsh words for Mehreen:

Suhaiymah was not the only one to have these views about Baig and the BBC documentary.

After her Twitter thread voicing her disappointment with both Mehreen and the show, one would think it would open the door to dialogue and feedback. But instead of addressing the issues, Baig seems to have taken it upon herself to block it all out…


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