The British Children Building Mosques at Home During Quarantine

Some brightness amidst what can be a distressing time for those in lockdown.

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Some brightness amidst what can be a distressing time for those in lockdown.

Helping children to express themselves is an important part of their development, perhaps even more important during the current lock-down. And as with adults, our children are missing experiencing their local mosque too.

Despite this, model cardboard mosques have been springing up in dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and gardens across the country, helping us fill this gap in our lives and remind us of the beauty of prayer whilst we do #RamadanAtHome this year.

Kudos to the mums and dads who’ve helped with all the cardboard cutting, painting, and decorating for these innovative model mosques below! 

One 8-year-old child in Bradford was featured on AboutIslam for building his own mosque at home below:

This organic creative expression of love for the mosque and daily salah (prayers) – more so during the current month of Ramadan – has been tuned into by a few mosque leaders and volunteers already.

Central Mosque Rochdale has launched a ‘Home Masjid’ photo competition project with a £50 prize to inspire more parents and children to get involved.

And West London Islamic Centre has taken a digital angle, launching a 3D design competition together with the Muslim Engineers Network and Muslims in Rail professional networks, with a 3D printer, work experience and other prizes on offer.

So what are you waiting for? Get your children, siblings, nephews, nieces, and anyone else sorely missing their local mosque stuck in and building their model mosque at home today!

Who knows, perhaps they’ll be the mosque designers, builders, and leaders of the future.

Have you seen any creative examples of model home mosques? Or any tips for getting your kids engaged? Please share in the comments below and help others to get involved!



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