Yousef Saleh Erakat aka FouseyTUBE speaks out against American Sniper: “this movie is propaganda”

YouTube sensation FouseyTUBE, mostly known for his hilarious viral videos, took to twitter to blast Hollywood release American Sniper. The film which depicts the story of American soldiers during the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, has drawn much criticism on social media and elsewhere for being racist propaganda.

Here’s what Yousef Saleh had to say:









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  1. Will Hunting vs Fousey (Dose of Fousey) Erakat Youssef Fousey Tube

    Why Fousey will never be like
    Will Hunting ?

    (Matt Damon movie)

    Will Hunting likes to fight Fousey hate

    Will Hunting is a Cleaning operative
    at MIT

    Fousey never washed anything in his
    life even his plate.

    Will Hunting read 3000 books Fousey
    read 3 books

    Will Hunting dates a student in
    Medicine Fousey dates ignorant girl

    who thinks only to show her buttocks.
    (Delaney Blac)

    Will Hunting make us laugh with his

    Fousey has no sense of humor

  2. Fousey Schedule (Planning day)

    7h30 Wake up






    Playing with 2 puppies




    Netflix (Harry Potter or series G.O.T
    (Sex, Food, Fights)

    Dinner 23h30

    bed to sleep.

    missing something important the word: WORKING

    Sweating at the factory on an assembly

    Sweating in the kitchen of a Mc Donalds

    Sweating on the roof of a house you

    Sweating in an Office with an Horrible

    Sweating in college to learn
    everything single words the professor says

    Sweating like a mother to fullfillfridge for her children.

  3. “Yousef” Erakat

    Dose of Fousey

    Mornings with fousey also

    “Never really work in his life”!??? You have to be kidding

    Yousef works almost everyday editing the videos, shooting MwF, have meetings with his team to get new ideas to entertain the people.

    and all what you said about the stuff he buys, guess what? as i said he worked really hard to achieve this, and he is still working to accomplish his goals.

    also, how did you know that he bought a car for simmi, because it was never mentioned in his or her vlogs. and if he really bought her a car, how would that make him selfish (you mentioned that), cause the way i see it, is that these two points are total opposites.

    And what is wrong with him training and working out, he just wants to have a better body shape (like any normal guy would want), “Doping”??? the guy kept eating healthy for 90 days and working out almost every single day, and he got the results he wanted by losing 40+ lbs, and as i mentioned before, he had a goal and worked hard to accomplish it.

    and how does he uses people like rags?

    and what is your problem with him taking naps and having two puppies ??

    1. Erakat Fousey
      Dose of Fousey
      Yousef Erakat

      I observed Fousey for months.
      he offered a German car to Simmi
      in exchange for slavery.
      Simmi works for Fousey daily from 7am to midnight.
      Simmi never break.
      Simmi is an object for Fousey that remains for me selfish.
      Work for me
      it is to get up early
      and go to the office.
      Fousey has no office, it remains home
      Fousey never sweats
      he wrote nothing on a notepad
      it has not printer
      He filmed 30 minutes a day to receive
      $ 150,000 of Google Inc.
      You CALLED it work?
      It adopted two dogs to attract teenagers who love animals on his vlog.
      Without Vlog, he would never have taken two puppies home.
      It makes a lot of napping for a young man of 25 years.
      At 25, you’re doing very little nap unless you went out clubbing the night before.
      Fousey not deserve the $ 150,000 paid to her by Google Inc.
      I know you’re going to defend
      because it is a Muslim like you.
      For me Fousey is a parasite feeds by Google Inc.

    2. Erakat Fousey
      Fousey own fast food and cafes in Los Angeles
      run by his brothers or sister.
      Working for me
      is seeing Fousey be at 7am to fast food
      to unload the foods deliverys, and put them in the stock
      then make the restaurant opened
      welcome its employees
      be at the cash desk
      welcome his clients
      sweating at work
      and not stay home
      playing with her puppies

    1. Probably because you’ve locked yourself up in your house and never come outside to speak with actual Muslims. Did I ask too much?

      1. Ihave tried to speak with muslims in the past,the women will not speak and in fact i gave up talking to muslims because i did not get a reply from any of them.

        1. You got to know how to approach women, because randomly walking up to one asking her about terrorism is not the right way.

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