Hilarious tote bag highlights the widespread irrational fear of the Arabic language

So some time yesterday, a bag that was spotted on the Berlin metro went viral on Twitter…and for a good reason!

The Arabic on the bag reads, “This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language”. You can see the tweet below:


I think it’s high time we addressed the way in which Arabs, Arabic and anything to do remotely with Islam have become vilified to the extent that most people are so damn scared of anything in the Arabic language.

There have been many instances of people being kicked off planes for typing in Arabic, mentioning the Arabic word for God (Allah), and for reading any books based on Arab countries.

A Palestinian company is fighting against this ridiculous demonisation by highlighting the bizarre way in which we live our lives now. Rock, Paper, Scissors Graphic Design and Print Shop have been selling these like crazy, and you can find them here on Facebook, or here on Instagram.


Another great one that we love here at the office is this ‘I Love You,’ shirt.i love you arabic shirt

It’s high time we started fighting back the Islamophobic rhetoric, and if anything, I’ll be hunting down one of these bags, or t-shirts, as soon as I possibly can!

Snag your own shirt here.