The Prayer Parka™ Launchgood Campaign

A new and innovative campaign to re-establish the look of prayer clothes for Muslim women, with a focus on being portable, practical, and presentable. 

The Prayer Parka™, a new and innovative campaign to re-establish the look of prayer clothes for Muslim women, has a focus on being portable, practical, and presentable. 

Campaigning on LaunchGood, the Prayer Parka™ was designed by TAKVA, a innovation-based Muslim lifestyle brand based in Japan. The co-founder Meryem’s initial inspiration for the Prayer Parka was due to the fact that the telekung, while an essential part of prayer for Muslim women, always seemed too heavy or bulky for her everyday bag. Lighter options weren’t any good either – they looked wrinkly and unpresentable, and even tore as the fabric was too flimsy! The telekung became a source of distraction to her, rather than an everyday garment she could rely on for ease of mind during prayers.

The inspiration for the Prayer Parka™ came from their idea to join together the concepts of both a parka and an abaya, to create something that not only covers the body for modesty but also serves a more practical purpose of being both waterproof and lightweight for outdoor use. It also has a double hood with an inner cap to ensure full coverage, with adjustable hood grips as well. Coming in a lightweight bag as well, the Prayer Parka™ has the ability to be portable and practical, as well as presentable.

The Prayer Parka™ also comes in two different styles, with the Prayer Parka LITE™ coming in a water repellent and weather-friendly fabric making it suitable for outdoor use, while the Prayer Parka LUXE™ comes in a softer and silkier version made for indoor use. Both styles are innovative in their use of bringing together style and practicality, making this a breakthrough product for Muslim women to be able to travel and pray wherever they may be.

Many of the challenges Muslim women face when having to pray in public or while traveling is not having the right clothes, and far too often many women are forced to delay their prayers until they find a suitable place or time to change into appropriate clothes. With the Prayer Parka™ however, it brings us one step closer to finding something that can be worn outside as a practical outer garment while also serving the purpose of being a modest covering for prayer.

While currently still campaigning to fully launch the Prayer Parka™, you can still preorder and explore their different styles and designs online on their Launchgood site here.

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