Your Ultimate Ramadan Gift Guide!

Are you looking for a gift that WOWS your loved ones this month of Ramadan? Look no further!

Are you looking for a gift that WOWS your loved ones this month of Ramadan? Look no further!

The most beautiful time of the year is almost upon us, and as we get into the Ramadan swing of things in a variety of ways, choosing your Ramadan/Eid gifts for your family and friends early in the holy month is a wonderful way to show your loved ones how much you care about them without having to take time away in Ramadan from ibadat (worship). 

In this Ramadan Gift Guide, we’ve curated a beautiful and expansive collection of hijabs and hijab sets for you to choose from as well as other beautiful gifts from other Muslim and non-Muslim vendors. Because there’s no better way to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you” to the fabulous women in your life than with a thoughtful gift!

If she’s been a part of the Haute Hijab (HH) fam, gift her that new hijab she’s been eyeing. If she’s new, her life is about to change for the better! Gift her accessories that will change her hijab game and everyday comfort level forever. If she is into skincare, we’ve got a great option for you! And if she loves a beautifully decorated iftar table, scroll below to see our recommendation! A great place to start is with our HH Ramadan hijab sets!

Ramadan Hijab Sets

You simply cannot go wrong with Haute Hijab’s new Ramadan sets! They are easy, beautiful and thoughtfully curated. Our sets are uniquely inspired by the heavenly bodies that help guide our worship – the sun to signify the start and end of our fasting, the stars to watch over us as we pray ish’a, taraweeh and tahajjud and the moon that beckons the start and end of the holy month. The best thing? Many of the sets have versions in Chiffon, Jersey and Bamboo Woven while other sets bring different complementary hijab fabrics and colors together!

The Ramadan Twilight Sets feature deep and beautiful jewel tones in complementary colors. The Chiffon version has three of our top-selling Everyday Chiffon Hijabs (in our square and rectangle sizes) in Forest Green, Bordeaux and Navy; the Jersey version carries Deep Fig, Evergreen and Navy; and finally, the Woven set has Currant, Navy and Matte Green. It will be a hit for anyone who loves to rock a polished look. 

Looking for a set that includes a variety of hijab fabrics? Our bonus Aurora Hijab Set brings together all three types – chiffon (Fig), jersey (Matte Green) and Woven (Faded Black)!

The Ramadan Daybreak Sets feature an in-demand staple – neutrals! It is ideal for those who enjoy a more relaxed and breezy style and that classic neutral look for the daytime or a night of prayer. The Chiffon version features hijabs in Pearl, Ballet Slipper and Sage while the Jersey set has Blush, Sage and our ever-popular Buttercream; and finally, the Woven set features beautiful hijabs in Sage, Sand and Blush.  

The Ramadan Golden Hour Sets come two ways and really plays up those luxuriously deep, rich yellows, golds and maroon shades that come alive in the golden hour. The Golden Hour Hijab and Magnet Set features Everyday Chiffon Hijabs in Bordeaux and Dark Honey, a beautiful Perfect Satin Hijab in Gold and a game-changing No-Snag Hijab Magnet in Gold. The Golden Hour Hijab Set includes all the gorgeous hijabs listed above sans magnets.

The Ramadan Moonbeam sets and Stardust Sets draw upon the dusky and cool colors of the night to bring you stunning hijabs that will deliver on great style and chic color. The Moonbeam Hijab and Magnet Set carry our Recycled Chiffon Hijab in Silver Mauve (rectangle), Bamboo Woven Hijab in Smoke, Premium Jersey Hijab in Pewter and our No-Snag Hijab Magnets in Silver while the Moonbeam Hijab Set has the same three beautiful hijabs without the magnets. 

Our Stardust Sets feature a stunning iridescent palette in must-have neutral tones. The Stardust Hijab and Magnet Set pairs our Perfect Satin Hijab in Champagne and Silver as well as our Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Ivory with our 14k gold-plated Pavé Crystal Hijab Magnets, while the Stardust Hijab Set carries the same stunning hijabs without the magnets. Who doesn’t need a touch of glam every now and then?

Moon and Star Wooden Serving Platter

We are in love with the influx of moon and star serving platters that have popped up on numerous Muslim decor websites. They’re perfect to frame your dates, small desserts and other iftar items! Many of them follow a similar look with subtle differences. This one from EidParty in the UK features a gold and white marbled effect, with the star being attached to the moon. Days of Eid also features a similar platter, with a beautiful wooden five-point star platter and a moon platter that are not attached to each other.

(Interested in perusing the gamut of vendors and businesses featuring Ramadan and Eid decorations? Click here!)

Elegant Teacups Set

Many of us end our iftar with that shot of caffeine we’ve been waiting for with the perfect cup of tea or coffee. This elegant teacups set can make that simple cuppa feel elevated and special before heading off to taraweeh prayers and a night of ibadah. It features a set of six ceramic white-and-gold delicate cups and saucers with a beautiful Arabic pattern on them. These teacups make for a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one, or for yourself!

Acrylic Decor and Centerpieces

Modern Eid has come out with an elegant and sophisticated line of centerpieces that afford you the opportunity to purchase differently-sized wooden bases and then choose from a variety of acrylic moons, mosques, signs and art pieces to sit in the base. It’s a clever way to load up on a variety of Ramadan- and Islamic-themed acrylic decor and add them to centerpiece holders in a design that works with your home decor and style. There’s even one acrylic sign that says “Days Until Eid” under which you can do your own numbered countdown with a dry erase marker!

A Skincare-Based Advent Calendar

Advent calendars for Ramadan have gained in popularity over the past several years and come in many designs, with du’as being tucked into the different pockets to candy hidden behind each date of the calendar. We know opinions are mixed on these calendars, but if you are a fan and have a loved one who is especially into skincare, this one by L’Occitane is available in the UK. It contains 30 of the company’s best-selling luxury skincare, fragrance and body-care treats, including hand creams, soaps, skin cream, conditioners, lip balms and more. 

Elegant Tasbih Beads

We know tasbih beads can be found pretty much anywhere and at any price point. This one by the Tasbih Ottoman store on Etsy struck our eye as a beautiful tasbih to gift for its craftsmanship and materials. It’s made out of date palm kernel and silver and is 100 per cent handmade. There are 99 beads, with each bead approximately 5 x 6 mm and the total length, including imamah, being 38 cm, which means you can wrap it around your wrist if you’d like. And the tassel is made out of silver. Gift it to someone you love so they can keep it on their person and engage in dhikr whenever the moment strikes!

What are your favorite things to gift your friends, family and loved ones in Ramadan? Share with us in the comments below!

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