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5 Muslim-friendly countries you must visit!

There are so many beautiful places around the world. I have a list called “country must visits” that pretty much has every country in the world. However there are some countries that can cater to Muslims more than others and I think that a visit is a must. I get asked what will be my top destinations for Muslims, usually my answer is the whole world since there is always a way to travel and practise Islam.  However I know that many Muslims feel more comfortable in Muslim countries due to food, prayer or even security issues so below are my top five countries for your perfect Muslim holidays.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Muslim Friendly


I came across Sri Lanka when I was looking to book a trip to Asia. I thought it didn’t havemuch to offer but boy was I wrong. Sri Lanka has some amazing places you can visit and some great resorts. It is considered the jewel in Asia’s crown. Sri Lanka has something to offer for everyone. Home to a large number of crystal clear beaches, friendly locals, beautiful landscape and several lovely attractions; Sri Lanka is an all-round destination. You can enjoy loads of sumptuous meals and also experience comfort at its best at any of the luxury hotels that cater for Muslim travellers. Recently Sri Lanka has turned out to be a prime destination among Muslim travellers, especially animal lovers, just to see several lovely animals including Blue Whales, elephants, Leopards and sloth bears. I didn’t know what to expect but Sri Lanka has much more to offer than I initially thought.


malaysia muslim friendly holiday


Malaysia is a top destination for many Muslims according to the recent Global Muslim Travel Index. It has a rich historical past and a unique culture. Malaysia is a multicultural country that offers everything required for a memorable  holiday. It is a great honeymoon destination for Muslims and almost half of the requests I get are for a holiday there. Home to the Petronas towers, beautiful mosques and great people it is an excellent destination for Muslims. They have beautiful resorts and islands that you can visit, which offer amazing beaches. Kuala Lumpur has some of the most affordable five-star hotels ever and it’s close proximity to other dream destinations make it a perfect base to explore Asia.


Cappadocia Turkey Muslim Friendly holiday

Majority of European Muslims when thinking of booking a holiday Turkey comes to mind. A country that has a lot to offer, from five-star resorts to beautiful city tours and great historical attractions. When I visited Turkey the first time I didn’t expect to like it. I was so wrong. There is something about this city that makes you fall in love it it instantly. People are great, hospitable and ready to help you plus the food is delicious. Istanbul is the only city that connects Asia and Europe and you can cross both continents walking. If you are in Istanbul a visit to the Blue mosque, Top Kapi, Agya Sophia and the Grand Bazaar are highly recommended. My favourite activity must be a cruise down the Bosphorus taking you to the Asian and European sides whilst enjoying the city views. The country offers some of the most Muslim friendly hotels for tourists with separated beaches and family activities. I am planning on checking some of them out and  reviewing their services soon.


Morocco market muslim friendly holiday


Morocco a destination for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Renowned for its great food, unique culture, friendly locals, Morocco is fast becoming a mecca for tourists from all over the world. Marrakech has some of the most luxurious hotels  that can make your eyes sore. The food is amazing and I do enjoy spending time walking around the old market places. I have had some of the best food from local restaurants that cost me less than a £1.  Morocco is easy to navigate via their train system and I would highly recommend starting with the most popular cities such as Marakesh, Fes and Casablanca but not limiting yourself to these cities only. There are some awesome places to explore in the desert as well. You can visit Ourrzazate and Universal studios a city in the middle of the desert. This is where they filmed the Mummy and Sex and the City ,which was supposed to show Abu Dhabi but it was indeed Morocco.

I have been there and I can say it is well worth the visit. You can either drive or fly there. In my opinion flying is much better than driving since my on the road experience was not the best. Other cities that are on my list to visit as Essaouira, Chefchaouen or also known as the Blue city and of course Agadir, which can be easily accessible from the UK with some of the charter companies.


Muscat Oman Muslim friendly holiday


I have written a trip review of Oman and Muscat and for me it is a must visit country. It is very close to Dubai and easily accessible by road or plane. Muscat is a city that offers so many options; from historical masterpieces to simply enjoying a walk on the beach. The food and people are great and very hospitable. The magnificent Sultan Qaboos mosque is a place not to miss out on visiting. You can read my review here. But I would also highly recommend for you to explore the rest of the country which has so much to offer. On my next trip I am definitely visiting Wadi Bani Khalid, which seems like an oasis in the desert.

Do you have any Muslim friendly destinations to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Travels.


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