Gourmosa – halal and healthy Asian-inspired snacks

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We have recently come across a brand of Asian-inspired snacks that is exactly what has been missing from the market. Both nutritious and delicious, Gourmosa snacks are perfect for a ready-to-eat lunch on the go or a snack break at home.

Our everyday snacks are not only very greasy and high in saturated fat and sugar, they’ve become repetitive. Most of us buy the same products we’ve been buying for decades. After suffering through fatty or bland snacks for years, we felt that it was about time for something like Gourmosa. The flavours of Southern Asia are packed to bursting in every recipe; some are classical Asian foods and others are completely the makers’ own.

The best part about Gourmosa is that it provides nutritious snacks with little to no preparation needed, so that those of us who lead very busy lives don’t have to settle for unhealthy, tasteless food for the sake of convenience. Just eat it as is or pop it in the microwave or oven to heat it up a little (they’re best if served warm!).g7

Gourmosa snacks can add extra spice (literally) to boring office hours. Each of their products is great in its own right, but here are some of our favourites:

Channa Chaat

Sometimes chaat can come across as overwhelmingly savoury – or the opposite extreme: bland to the point of tastelessness – but that isn’t the case here. The Gourmosa channa chat has the perfect balance of flavours that will leave you wanting another…and another.

Beef Samosa Pie

We’re big fans of beef samosas, so this Beef Samosa Pie really hit the mark for us. Made with authentic ingredients, it’s both delicious and packed with natural nutrients. The beef was satisfyingly savoury and well-cooked, and the vegetables were so fresh, it was like it was made an hour ago. We really enjoyed this, and only wish we had the sense to grab more than one.

chicken-tikka-samosas-featured-3-minChicken Tikka Samosas

With the month of Ramadan right around the corner, you definitely want to stock up on these oven baked samosas which contain 50% less fat than fried ones as a healthy alternative! Just the right amount of spicy to give the samosas their signature zing but not too spicy to overpower the other flavours. The aroma of this is enough to make your stomach growl. The crunch of the shell followed by the tenderness of the chicken is divine. The oven baked samosas come in three flavours; chicken tikka, spicy beef and a divine masala paneer!

You can find the full Gourmosa range in selected Asda and Tesco stores across the UK. Click here to find the nearest store to you.

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