Why young Muslim couples should spend their honeymoon in Egypt

Still one of the best honeymoon destinations!

Still one of the best honeymoon destinations!

It can sometimes be difficult for young married couples to find the perfect location for their honeymoon, especially if the newlyweds are Muslims. This is because travelling has become easier, faster, and safer, however it can be expensive, depending on the distance and the quality of trip and location. Occasionally, many Muslim couples face issues like discrimination, food that is not halal, and an inability to perform daily prayers. This is not the case for Egypt, which has mystically beautiful landscapes and warm people! Here are the three main reasons why Egypt makes the perfect honeymoon destination:

1. Egypt is a Muslim majority country

muslim couples honeymoon in egypt

The grand majority of the population are Muslim, while the rest is Christian (Catholic and Orthodox). This factor facilitates many of the daily acts such as prayer, eating halal food, and dressing per Islamic tradition. Egypt does not only welcome traditional clothing but it enjoys a wide variety of cultural identities, offering both Eastern and Western styles of living.  This does not only include clothing but also food. Aside from national cuisine, restaurants offer a wide array of international and cosmopolitan food; from sushi to pizza, to tex-mex, to KFC.

2. Beautiful landscapes, private pools and fun activities

muslim couples honeymoon in egypt

Along with freedom of worship, clothing, and amazing food, Egypt offers breathtaking natural sites; accommodating hotels with private pools and fun “halal” activities. You can enjoy the desert, the sun, the beach and centuries-old history and tradition.

For the sun and sea loving couples, the North Coast – Sahl Hashesh, twenty minutes from the airport and just half an hour away from Hurghada, proposes a very romantic and private option with hotel rooms with both natural and artificial pools (you can find the names of the hotels that offer private pools at the end of this article).

For the more adventurous, adrenaline seeking couples, sandboarding on the most beautiful desert dunes is also an option. Many travel agencies, as well as, online groups organise trips to the Magic Lake, Wadi El Rayyian, Sharm Elsheikh and Dahab South Sinai. It is fun and safe and does not require any skill. These trips usually include camping outside, stargazing, and Bedouin folklore.

muslim couples honeymoon in egypt

History-loving couples can enjoy Egypt by going on a Nile cruise on a floating five star hotel – trips are usually a week long – or cultural trips to the Citadel exploring the different historical sites. Usually, Nile cruises sail to Luxor and Aswan, while cultural outings take place in the heart of Cairo where most of the history is protected by the Egyptions, centuries old guardians.

3. And most importantly… it’s inexpensive and safe!

muslim couples honeymoon in egypt

Money is an essential, if not the most important factor, for determining the destination of a honeymoon. Egypt is the perfect place for all, either couples who are willing to break the bank or the ones who look for a budget trip. In fact, travel agencies tend to offer very affordable packages including flight ticket, accommodation, and visa if required. The affordability of the country mainly derives from the high rate of currency exchange.

Finally, Egypt is safe, especially in tourist spot areas, since tourism is one of Egypt’s main source of income. While the recent uprisings and 25th of January 2011 Revolution somewhat destabilised the country, Egyptians and the Egyptian government are cooperating to maintain peace and tranquillity for everyone.

List of hotels that offer private (couples and groups) pools:

For groups:

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