Fancy a hijab-free Muslim holiday and your own private pool?

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I know one of THE most important things for me and 99,9% of the Muslim women out there is to be able to remove the hijab and enjoy some sun. I am definitely dying for it. Growing up in Greece with a chocolate tan envied by many British people doesn’t help. I loved spending my days on the beach and I did live only 5 minutes away so it is something I miss a lot.

I receive many emails asking for advice on how to find good options for holidays where women can relax and enjoy some nice weather. It was not easy a few years ago. Private villas with pools can cost thousands of pounds per night that makes it simply unaffordable for many. However now things have changed and there are so many options out there for you to chose.

My favourite option that is affordable for man to have a private pool in a secluded area and not break the bank is called Airbnb.

For those of you who do not know what Airbnb is, it is a platform where local people are renting out their accommodation to tourists. It has become so popular around the world that people are buying houses to rent them out. :) Got any ideas?

What is really cool about this choice is that you can rent anywhere in the world and there are many affordable choices.

Why this can work great for Muslims

Airbnb affords you to rent a large place if you have a big family. If you have 5-6 children then you can take them on holidays without paying for 4 different rooms. You will not have the resort like feeling but you will be able to cook and save money while enjoying a family holiday. Also you get to experience a more “local” travel-like since your host is local and they can share with you some of the cool places that otherwise you would have missed.

You have unlimited options but the ones I love the most are the ones where I can rent my private villa for as little as £65 per night to enjoy a hijab free holiday. Let’s take for example Turkey which is a very popular designation amongst Muslims. It has beautiful weather, easy to get to from Europe, halal food and mosques to pray.

A pre-Ramadan holiday in a nice place like this with your own private pool can set you back as little as £600 for 7 nights for 4 people. Not bad in my opinion considering that many private resorts cost £500 per night.




airbnb 1

This can work for any destination in the world. You can enter your details and go through the listings. Depending on location you can come up with quite a few however you can narrow your search down. There are some awesome properties that I am creating a dedicated list with all of them on.

One thing you have to know when you look on Airbnb is that you are talking directly with the owners. You can ask them questions before you book and you can request more photos etc. You will not have breakfast included since majority are self catering but for me this is a small price to pay if I can spend more days sunbathing.

It is much easier now to book and enjoy halal holidays than ever before. You can check Airbnb for yourself and I would be extremely grateful if you use my referral link, we will receive £17 off our next booking.

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