Muslim-friendly Japan tours in the charming city of Osaka

I’ve had a long-standing desire to visit Japan, ever since I read a few novels that brought to light the beauty of the country. Ever since then, I based a novel in the depths of the country but still lack a visit to the country to truly appreciate all the things that the internet has helped me to describe.

I know that for many Muslims, there is always a fear of travelling to somewhere in the fast East due to halal requirements that we must adhere to. However, the moment we have been waiting for has arrived! A travel agency based in Osaka is offering specifically tailored tours that feature not only a strict halal menu, but a tour to mosques and other popular Islamic destinations with an attendant who adheres to the faith.

Hidesho Matsui, a recent convert to the Islamic faith, runs the Osaka travel agency. He works alongside the Miyako International Tourist Co. and they employ attendants such as Syrian born Mohammed Naji Matar. In an interview with the Japan Times, he suggests that, “our customers are particularly anxious about what they eat. We want to offer a sense of safety and peace of mind.”

The plans to expand the business in the future will include catering guest houses for solo travellers in the city of Osaka. Matsui suggests that his “mission is to serve Muslim brothers and sisters with a deep sense of hospitality and to show them the good that Japan can offer.”

Feel free to contact us for a ‘Osaka Eat and Stay, Halal and Muslim Friendly Travel Map,’ PDF. This may be of use if you’re planning a trip to Osaka in the future!