We are always looking for new writers to contribute more great articles for The Muslim Vibe and want to promote the vast talent within the Muslim community.

At The Muslim Vibe, we want to something for everyone; from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Our underlying editorial line is simple; makes sure it is productive and positive! If you would like to become a regular contributor or would simply like to submit an article, please follow the steps below. 

Please read our editorial guidelines before submitting an article, as any content that does not meet these requirements may not be published.

  • Make sure your article is in line with our aims and objectives
  • The Muslim Vibe readers are mostly 18-35 in the UK and USA
  • Check your article for spelling and grammar – then check it again!
  • Suggest practical solutions for any issue you discuss, don’t just rant
  • Keep your article precise and to the point 600-1500 words is a good length
  • Include sources and references to facts to increase you article’s credibility
  • Do not generalise or use offensive language against a group of people or person
  • Offer a balanced view where relevant, even if you disagree with or disprove it
  • Take precaution when discussing sensitive issues which may offend people
  • Be aware of who your target audience is and write accordingly
  • Don’t be afraid to share your personality and humour to make a point

We are looking to publish and shed light on a vast array of topics, in line with our ‘something for everyone’ motto.

Topics to write about

  • Life – day-to-day life and personal issues
  • Faith – religious matters and discussions
  • Culture – food, art, travel, events and more
  • Social – social and domestic issues
  • Current – analysis and opinions on current affairs
  • Videos – interesting videos from around the web

Formats and styles of content

  • Blogs – Personal and informal; ideas, opinions and reflections.
  • In-depth articles – Academic and formal; analysis, advice and opinions.
  • Interviews – Relatable interviews with interesting and inspirational figures.
  • Lists – Short buzzfeed style lists such as ’10 great facts about…’ etc
  • Galleries – A series of images along with a summary paragraph.
  • Reviews – Reviews for restaurants, travel destinations, events and more.
  • Videos – Virals, films and documentaries online with a short summary.

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