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60 Year Old American Woman Converts to Islam After Watching Dirilis Ertugrul

The writer of the series, Mehmet Bozdag, when hearing the news of Khadija’s conversion, stated: “Praise be to God”.

A 60-year-old American woman from the state of Wisconsin has said she converted to Islam after watching the highly popular Turkish television series Dirilus: Ertugrul along with her own studies into the religion.

She has now chosen the name Khadija for herself after converting, stating that she was overwhelmed and inspired by Islam’s core tenants of peace and justice – a lot of which was portrayed in the Turkish TV series.

Dirilis: Ertugrul has gained worldwide success and has amassed a cult-like following from both Muslims and non-Muslims alike – many have pointed towards the show’s success in portraying Muslims in an admirable light, which is often not the case in massive movie industries such as Hollywood and Bollywood. The show revolves around the story of the historical figure of Ertugrul, who lived in the 13th century and was the father of Osman I, who would later become the founding figure of the Ottoman Empire.

Dirilis Ertugrul: The Turkish TV Show That Has Captivated Muslim Audiences Across the World

“It was a history that I knew nothing about,” Khadija explains. “I like learning new history, and I’m glad I did. And after just a few episodes I was really interested in Islam and I enjoyed the warrant from their belief, and their family, peace, and how they helped the oppressed.”

She further explains that she was also particularly interested in the historical and inspiring figure of the Sufi scholar Ibn Arabi, who was portrayed in Dirilis: Ertugrul as the show’s main religious figure and backbone to the main character Ertugrul’s growth in faith.

After being introduced to Islam through the television series, Khadija then started studying Islam on her own as well:

I started reading the Quran more, and I was looking at more things that I didn’t understand in the Quran, and to just try and get as much information as I could. For some reason, one day I just happened to do a search for ‘is there a mosque close to my area’ and there was…they were shocked to see me I think! But I then became a Muslim right that day after prayer.”

“I look forward to more and more on what I can learn about Islam and what I can contribute,” Khadija stated. “I know it’ll grow and it just makes me feel wonderful inside.”

The writer of the series, Mehmet Bozdag, when hearing the news of Khadija’s conversion, stated: “Praise be to God”.

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