The App that helps you become a regular Qur’an reader

QforQuran makes the daily reading of Quran simple, accessible and social.

QforQuran makes the daily reading of Quran simple, accessible and social.

Only a decade ago, smartphones were considered a luxury. Now, they are nothing less than a necessity. All thanks to the ease that smartphone apps have brought into our lives, which also shows no signs of slowing down or stopping. Each day, more and more people buy smartphones, and each day more smartphone apps are developed to cater to the needs of this new user base.

For Muslims, these apps are a great resource to gain information and assistance in performing day to day religious activities. There is a wide range of Quran apps that help Muslims in Quran recitation, Quran memorization and understanding the Holy Book. However, there is a dearth of apps that focus on developing a regular Quran reading habit amongst Muslims or promote the communal reading of the Quran.

Thankfully, QforQuran is here to change this. QforQuran is the world’s first community-driven habit-building Quran reading app to join the wave of revolutionising Quran reading for Muslims. Developed after extensive research on learning psychology and techniques, QforQuran makes the daily reading of Quran simple, accessible and social.

QforQuran is a platform that aims to bring the Muslim community through Quran. They launched their Quran reading app in 2016 for both Android and iOS users. After a year, the app has received much appreciation from the Muslim community. The app was recently declared the top Quran reading app in Indonesia and is set to make it even easier for us to connect with Quran, by launching its web application.

Most Quran reading apps focus entirely on individual Quran reading. QforQuran is the first app to use peer-to-peer motivation to promote community reading of The Quran. Communal reading of the Quran is an age-old Muslim tradition that brings Muslims together whatever the circumstances. However, the tradition is slowing dying away as it demands exhaustive preparations and a significant amount of time.

Web application: http://apps.qforquran.com
iTunes Download: http://apple.co/2uiunVV
Android Download: http://bit.ly/2t1n9X5

QforQuran eliminates these constraints by including the Quran events feature. You can create your own Quran event with a few simple clicks. You can invite your loved ones to complete the Quran with you on any occasion. You can create Quran reading events for the death anniversary of your loved ones, for your new homes, for a swift recovery of a loved one and for just about any joyful or sorrowful event in your life. Furthermore, you can share your event with the Quran readers in the community and complete Quran easily.

Each verse you read on the app contributes to the completion of one Quran. Thus, you are not just earning spiritual rewards for reading Quran for yourself, but also for your contribution to the community ready of Quran.

Despite our busy lives we still take out minutes, if not hours, to check our social media and play games like Candy Crush, just to reach a higher level, on a regular basis. It is a lot easier to find time to do things you feel motivated to do. And it gets even more motivating and fun if there is an incentive. Ease and fun combined provide the perfect recipe for motivation and learning, and QforQuran uses just that.

QforQuran incorporates revolutionary learning methods and combines them with reward mechanism from gamification techniques to create engagement among Muslims. Each day, you are required to complete a weekly or daily goal to gain points and reach a higher level. This temptation helps motivate you to achieve these goals by reading more Quran every day.

Initially, you are only required to read Quran for 5 minutes daily. Gradually, this leads to an increase in your reading pace and helps you develop the habit of reading Quran regularly. QforQuran also allows offline reading of the Quran so now, you don’t have to worry about the availability of access to the internet. Read Quran on the Quran app anywhere, anytime, even on the go.

For further motivation, QforQuran lets you view your daily and weekly personal progress. You can see the number of verses you have read, and your contribution to the communal reading of The Quran. The home screen shows the number of verses read by the QforQuran community, the number of users in the community, and the number of Qurans completed. Thus, the entire application makes you feel connected to the Muslim Community through Quran. QforQuran is undoubtedly a great resource for anyone looking to nourish their relationship with the Holy Quran. In an era where Muslims find it hard to perform spiritual duties, QforQuran has the potential to become a platform for Muslims to bond with each other through Quran.

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