What does Islam say about Marijuana (cannabis/weed) and is it halal?


What does Islam say about Marijuana (cannabis/weed) and is it halal?


Many young Muslims need to become aware of the Islamic position on marijuana because of its popularity. Does Islam condone the use of marijuana? Does Islam forbid it? If Islam forbids it, what about in cases of medical necessity? It is imperative that young Muslims know the answers to these questions.

One must refer to religious authorities in order to ascertain the Islamic position on this drug. These authorities review the verses of the Quran, the traditions of the Ahl al-Bayt (a), and Islamic principles in order to derive religious opinion. Sayyid Ali Khamenei, a religious authority and the current head of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was asked a question about the use of drugs, including marijuana. The following is quoted from his book Practical Laws of Islam:

Question 1392: What is the ruling in the matter of using narcotics, such as hashish, opium, heroin, morphine, and marijuana, be it by way of eating, drinking, smoking, injecting or applying them anally? And what is the view on selling, buying, and dealing in them in general, i.e., carrying, transporting, storing, or smuggling?

Answer: It is haram [religiously forbidden] to use narcotics in any way because it results in considerable adverse effects in terms of personal health and social cost. By the same token, it is haram to deal in narcotics in any way, i.e., carrying, transporting, storing, selling, buying, etc.

Sayyid Ali Sistani, another popular religious authority currently residing in Iraq who oversees the Islamic Seminary in Najaf, was asked about hashish. Hashish is a drug which is derived from the same plant as marijuana. Marijuana is derived from the dried flowering tops of the cannabis plant while hashish is made from the resin and is more potent. They are both classified as cannabis. On the Farsi section of his personal website he is asked about the Islamic ruling of the consumption of hashish. He states: “It is impermissible.”

Sunni scholars also prohibit the use of marijuana. As an example, in the question-and-answer section of the sunnipath website one asks Shaykh Muhammad bin Adam al-Kawthari of Dar al-Iftaa in Leicester about marijuana. He states: “Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opium, etc are all unlawful (haram) due to the various harms connected with them.” He then establishes that marijuana is an intoxicant and supports his verdict with a tradition from Sahih al-Bukhari which states that the Messenger of Allah (s) said: “Every intoxicant is prohibited.”

Marijuana has negative effects on the brain

One can examine the affects of marijuana on one’s brain in order to understand why it is religiously prohibited. Most drugs, including marijuana, produce a ‘high’ by stimulating brain cells to release a chemical called dopamine. The active ingredient in marijuana, delta-9-tetrohydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC, stimulates specific receptors in the brain called cannabinoid receptors. When these receptors are activated THC interferes with normal brain functioning. Most of the cannabinoid receptors are found in parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory perception, and coordinated movement.

THC alters how information is stored in this area of the brain. [/pullquote]Marijuana disables one’s ability to create new memories. Memories are formed in a part of the brain called the hippocampus. THC alters how information is stored in this area of the brain. The majority of evidence supporting impaired memory stems from studies performed on animals. For instance, there was a study performed on rats which shows that rats exposed to THC in utero or adolescence showed severely impaired memory in the later stages of their lives. The hippocampus of these rats’ brains even showed structural changes as they aged.

Balance is regulated in the cerebellum and basal ganglia. THC interferes with the normal functioning of these parts of the brain leading to a loss of coordination. Therefore, driving while under the influence of marijuana is incredibly dangerous. Furthermore, the performance of difficult tasks and athletics in this state would be greatly impaired.

Finally, marijuana also affects cannabinoid receptors found in the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is responsible for sensory perception. Therefore, THC may cause one to have an altered sensory experience in areas such as taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.

A few supporters of marijuana approached me and tried to argue the case of the permissibility of this drug. One of the arguments that they used was that marijuana does not intoxicate, rather it merely relaxes one who consumes it and increases their appetite. This argument cannot stand up to the scientific evidence which was presented. First, THC stimulates brain cells to release dopamine which causes one to become intoxicated. Then, it impairs one’s memory, disrupts one’s coordination, and alters one’s sensory perceptions. Therefore, marijuana is definitely an intoxicant.

What about for medical purposes?

There is another group of Muslims who ask about the use of marijuana in specific circumstances. For instance, they state that cannabis can be used as an effective analgesic for pain relief, can be used as an effective treatment of glaucoma, and can stop breast cancer from spreading to other areas of the body, thus becoming a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy. Apparently, one would be able to consume cannabis if the treatment of these, or other, diseases is dependent upon it and a trustworthy physician prescribes it. Once again, in Practical Laws of Islam, Sayyid Khamenei was asked “Is it permissible to use narcotic drugs for the treatment of diseases? And assuming that it is permissible, is it absolutely permissible or in case that it is the only way of treatment?” (Question 1393) His answer was:

“There is no objection to it provided that the treatment and the eventual recovery are dependent on their use and it is prescribed by a trustworthy physician.”

Due to the popularity of marijuana amongst teenagers in the United States and Europe, it is imperative that young Muslims know the Islamic stance on the drug. Religious authorities have clearly stated that the narcotic is religiously prohibited. One of the reasons that it is prohibited is because it is an intoxicant which, in addition to stimulating the brain to release dopamine, affects one’s memory, coordination, and sensory perception.

Therefore, Muslim youth must should strive to be weed-free and to “just say no.”

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  • ❤️ LOVE stimulates brain cells to release dopamine which causes one to become intoxicated.
    Therefore, LOVE is definitely an intoxicant.

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  • Hahahaha… your argument about why you can’t have mj from the green Earth that god created is the same reason why you can’t eat poisonous fish and plants. Try eating those to prove your argument. They are on the green earth too btw.

  • Interesting discussion from both sides of the argument.

    My experience with Mary Jane is mixed. The first time I smoked it back in ’98, when the potency of weed was low grade compared to what it is today. Back in those days a spliff was a novelty. A moment to chill and read. Now the strains are more potent than before that I believe smoking those new strains, takes your high to another level and leaves you and your mental state in a vulnerability position. More prone to do or act in an uncontrollable way. And with that, open the door to the devil controlling your state of mind. Taking that into consideration I believe it is prohibited. But still doesnt rule out the medical benefits it has. So using it for medical purpose it is acceptable. Allah knows best!

  • I love how we are fine to take opioids when in pain but can’t smoke marijuana. That is pathetic. I am a muslim but do not agree with everything in islam. I pray and fast but am not perfect. I have sinned. I have smoked. I can justify my smoking as it cures my anxiety. I have depression and social anxiety. I cannot go out or get a job on a normal day. I have literally tried all medications under the sun. Antidepressants to antianxiety to mood enhancers to sleeping medications. But as soon as i smoke, the world is a brighter place. I have so much confidence. I can actually socialize. I can say that marijuana is fine if you have a mental/physical disorder/disease that can be “fixed” with marijuana. What kind of world are we living in if we have to follow what god says and what every single sheikh says. I can’t trust sheikhs. Why can’t we live our lives able to distinguish right from wrong. In the end we all get judged the same. So follow your heart and mind and not what some sheikh tells you. Social media corrupts people more than marijuana. Cigarettes cause cancer in both smokers and non-smokers (second hand smoke) but marijuana which contains thc and cbd that fight off cancer cells, is haram? Why can i take a chemical produced in some damn lab but can’t smoke marijuana that is made on Gods green earth. How sad is this world. You can be the most perfect person out there, people will still try to tell you you’re doing something wrong/haram.

    • you are still high on weed i think ,if you have that much stress,depression etc etc offer your prayers with your heart In shaAllah God will help you to get out of that but taking drugs and other stuff is not the solution no matter what

  • to the site managers:
    could you please check comments for God’s sake??

  • Lol article

  • Irfaan Rahim
    April 13, 2018 1:46 pm

    May Allah forgive me. I indulge regularly and I feel bad but there’s only so much marijuana Allah has decreed for you, taqdeer or kismet if you like. But once I light up I don’t feel so bad. make a dua there for a brother please.

  • What is forbidden by god is forbidden .

  • So why did God’s son turn water into wine at the wedding? They could’ve just drank water but no he wanted them to be a Lil tipsy & be marry enjoy the fellowship with each other. We shouldn’t watch TV either or use social media because of its influence it has on the human mind. Come on we can do things in moderation responsibly…religion make it so hard for people to live. Like what’s the point it was written that we are born into sin and that there is no righteous ONE but the Lord & hell he even poured a cup. We will always be sinners just sin less…even the holy folks think they free of sin but sin just as well as others by their gospip & judgment of people. So I will continue to smoke in moderation continue helping others as I can & loving people as they are & ask God for forgiveness for my sins that I know of & not know of. I have smoked weed since I was 12 but it has not stop me from being a productive citizen. I have 2 college degrees bills are paid car roof over my head food on my table & clothes on my back…& no matter how much I have sinned I have still been blessed & as a child of God I shall not want. Well I may want for things now but better believe I got everything I need. Religion keeps people in a box…have a relationship with them is what’s needed not Religion

    • All that’s bullshit. Convert to Islam now and you won’t regret it.

    • U are a fool literally and I have not seen a bigger fool then you . U don’t have common sense also

    • God has no son.
      in the first kalimah it states god has no son or family they are alone and the most powerful and the most forgiving.

      • The earth was created close to 6billion years ago from an infinite ever expanding universe. Carbon testing, science, physics and technology have PROVED this beyond a shadow of doubt.

  • All my muslim friends smoke cannabis.

  • suck ur muddah and ur children

  • If u ban weed ,u also have to ban cigarettes

  • Wait do y’all really think prophet Muhammad (PBUH) use to role up some weed an cyph with his companions. Not in a million year. May Allah have mercy on us. The companions and his wifes watched ever move He (PBUH) made. There is not one Hadith about the use of weed because he didn’t use it. Not even medically. Weed it can be helpful medically however if your using medicine an your not sick eventually you will become sick. If not physically then spiritually. Look at the people who really promote the use of weed. I’m 23 years old I just quit smoke weed a few days ago so I’m far from perfect. I just want my brother an sister an the deen to protect them self. Peace ✌🏾

    • 🤙🏽🤞

      I disagree, the type of people who promote marijuana, please Come on,, just check out I am a Human and True to Yourself by Ziggy Marley, or Whi Knows by Chronix, not right to categorise , Islamically Especially, Be True, Reat Between you and the Almighty God of Us All . Duas

  • This site is run by shiites. I would not trust one thing posted here.

    • I can’t believe you kind of people I love all Muslims Sunni Shia etc guess what we still believe in one god and only Allah and his rasoul pbuh even if Sunni or Shia is discovered to being the right teachings Allah will not be pleased with people who curse members of ahul bayat (both some Sunni and Shia people have done this) or in general put down people because of their political beliefs because if you do some simple digging you’ll realize Sunni and Shia are mostly about who they believed long ago who should be the next ruler (with some slight other differences) anyway my point is just love all true Muslims sisters and brothers

    • you are blinded my friend

    • What type of difference does that make? The author introduced the reader to two scholars (sunni and shia )that both said : WEED is not okay. I dont get the comment in sence that just because this website is run by shiites makes it not trustworthy or false. There are difrent type of scholars which means there are different opinions, on certain topics that are not directly discussed in the Koran. But hypothetically: If two scholars of the same religious niche Sunni for example; give two different statements. Does that make on statement falser then the other. My point is that you even differentiating between does two schools and making such statements gives me a post abu baker vibe. Y

  • As a Muslim who follows the Quran alone, I felt that I needed to share my experience in using marijuana to cure myself of emotional pains and existential crisis. So, I created a weblog to share my experience of using this gift of The Creator. Please visit my blog: smokingsmiley.com

    Although the benefit of marijuana for older adults is proven in scientific studies, any sort of abuse, whether it is food, drinks or intoxicants is not allowed per Quran (See: 7:31). Also, for younger adults under 25 whose brains have not yet fully developed, marijuana is shown to hinder development of prefrontal cortex, irreversibly damaging the brain.

  • Lets keep taking pharmaceutical drugs. Surely this is more better and halal for us…

    • finally, someone who sees the big picture. Islam just like every other religion has been corrupted by these individuals who decided they had the authority to translate the scriptures in their own fashion and have people take it as word

    • Hi everyone My names Yoana, I’m from California. And I’m here to not preach but basically speak the truth from personal experience. I was born and raised a Christian till recently. Now I’m Muslim, and I’ve never been happier. Thanks to my wonderful loving husband I was able to meet Allah. And honestly you don’t really appreciate something or remember someone unless you need them.

      Well then, that said.
      Prior to me becoming a Muslim I was a huge Drug addict! I did everything.. I committed haram on a daily basis. And you know what no matter how much I tried or my family I could not leave my addictions. And to make my point even more to depth. From all the drugs I consumed from method to heroin to opiates to alcohol, cocaine, molly’s, ecstasy , crack!!! (Everything) the “drug” that was by far the hardest and to this day I still haven’t gotten completely clean from is “””””Marijuana””””””… What does that tell you?????? It’s not only extremely addictive but its also very difficult to surpass. Now medically speaking I would lie to myself all the time. That’s what weed does it makes you lie to yourself, oh its not harmful. Oh its just an herb if god didn’t want me to use it he shouldn’t have made it. All this crap Excuses you make yourself believe. Weed as well as all drugs are the same. Some just aren’t legal. That’s the only difference, so brothers and sisters please let’s stop lying to each other. Your not lying to Allah he knows and sees everything. And you can’t fool him like you choose to fool yourself. We as Muslims should know better and be better examples…

      If getting to Jenna(paradise) was so easy everyone would be there. But its not!! That’s the cold hard truth. And what I’ve learned and finally realize to be 100% accurate is you can’t half as anything relating to Allah.
      Your either in or not.

      So to basically dumb down everything
      Marijuana is a drug. And whomever says otherwise is one of the losers like it mentions in the Quran. And no loser will ever inherit a place in heaven.

      So unless you have Cancer or Chronic pain or a CHRONIC illness and you have a prescription from a real doctor.
      And here’s the thing You have tried other medication or alternatives and still nothing works and your in extreme constant pain…

      Its haram. And as much as you try to deny it doesn’t change the fact that its still haram!!!!

      So is it OK to smoke marijuana in Islam???

      Answer: no!!
      Unless your truly I’ll and need it for medical reasons because nothing else seems to be working.. You actually have to be sick though!!

      Hope that cleared some stuff up and I was able to get my point across.

      P. S sorry if I misspelled some words. The last thing I want is to offend Allah (SWT).


  • Monique Hassan
    October 3, 2017 6:57 pm

    Speaking from the perspective of someone that works in a medical field. Marijuana is not a narcotic, by definition of controlled substances as well as legal definition marijuana/cannabis is not a narcotic. So that needs to be straight.

    This is a medication that can be extremely helpful for many patients, those with psychiatric illnesses as well. Much of the medications used for those illnesses is highly addictive, huge risk for abuse and has many dangerous side effects. Marijuana is biologically NOT addictive, we even teach this to our patients in substance abuse classes because we legally have to be honest in our treatments. It is not physically addictive, however, someone can become psychologically dependent on anything even a dependency on their phone.

    It does not have the side effects of many traditional medications. It is a natural medication, more holistic. One must do their homework before they pass judgment.

    • Just to say, I thought most medicine was referred to as a drug just not weed; for example like the drug Tylenol, asprin, NyQuil, etc

  • taht’s intresting!

  • John Michael De Coste
    August 11, 2017 8:53 am

    I am 20 years old. Living on the west Texas border in El Paso. Ive seen white,mexican,black,asian,gay, and Arab culture here. None are perfect. What i found to be perfect was the Qur’an. I was raised catholic. I knew it was not the way to Allah. I looked at every culture took what I liked from each one and have been trying to use everything that has been written by Muhammad Rasulullah. It is true anything that alters the mind is haram. Yet all things exist by the will of Allah. I know many muslims who drink alcohol and they know what they do wrong because it is written, but i find it worse that they try to justify it instead of seeking forgiveness. I also see that with every other culture. Brothers and Sisters if you would like for these people to understand our righteous path then we must greet them with peace and understanding before Jihad. The path of the muslim is unquestionable. Yet we muslims just like the rest of the people who walk alongside us on this Earth are made of dirt. If we are all made of dirt than how are we perfect? By the will of Allah we were made imperfect, which is why he loves us. Imperfection is perfection because if you can see wrong and wish to correct it than you are on the path that Muhammad spoke of. The most dangerous ones among us are the tricksters. The ones who claim to be muslim but yet only wish to use the teaching of the Qur’an to justify violence when it is not necessary. If you wish to behead someone because you believe it is just then Masha’Allah. Although if you can follow the true teaching which is that of peace then Alhamdulillah. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. So why not strive to be like Allah the best way you can? Do not think you can become him forgiving and the most merciful. Is that not what he wanted? For us to follow the model figure that is the father? How dare any of us wish harm unto others and judge. It is not the way. Your place is as is willed. If you strive for the righteousness than act like it. FORGIVE. No one on this Earth has the right to judge or to say what Allah really meant. If you did know then why have you not been selected to become the next prophet and an angel has not been sent down to you to assist in writing a new book? The answer is because you understand very little of what was written by Muhammad Rasulullah. I was lucky enough to understand the medicine that is marijuana. Its dangerous because it works. If it becomes a crutch than kick it. If you understand that it is haram but you can manipulate it to be beneficial and bring you closer to Allah than what is the problem? All you need do is acknowledge that you did wrong and ask for HIS FORGIVENESS. From what is written we need to understand that this life on this earth is temporary and so are all its desires and afflictions. If you see peace then Masha’Allah but if you wish to take it away because it angers only you then you are the one who needs to read the Qur’an again. I am far from perfect. Im 20 years old I claim to be muslim yet I know I do things that are not approved and I cannot always pray 5 times a day because sadly i am selfish. I try to understand as much as I can and apply it so that it may assist others. If we can great everyone with peace then we will all have peace. I do not understand what is wrong with seeking an alternative rather than doing the worse. Everything on this Earth was created by Allah so therefore everything is in existence by his will. It is us humans that need to be made perfect not the Earth around us. Once we do that we can have the paradise that was promised. Sub-ha-na kalla-humma wa bi-ham-di-ka wa ta- ba- ra-kas-mu-ka wa ta-aa-la jaddu-ka wa la i-la-ha ghay-ruk. A-uu-dhu billa-hi mi-nashshay-ta-nirra-jim. Alhamdulillah

  • Brothers Allah want to test you in duniya so if it’s haram then we can’t prove that it will hallah for us haram means-stop why the creater know better then you and me if weed is haram it’s plant I know but onion is halal why the creater wants you to make you healthy and mentaly fit pig is haram and goat is halal sex with sister is haram sex with wife is halal what I want to say you don’t think why it’s haram and why it’s halal just make the way like our prophet Mohammed(saws) who forbidden this thing before 1400 years ago as told him now science and doctors are agreed that porn masturbute organism is a big cause of sexual problem if you want a perfect sex you have to stop pmo no artficial sex islam warn from this before 1400 years ago

    • Your English is so terrible that it’s impossible to understand. Please learn to use punctuation properly next time.

    • @Ali
      Your English is so terrible that it’s impossible to understand. Please learn to use punctuation properly next time.

  • Jazaakallah khairan Katheeran

  • Your rethoric sounds “educated” enough for someone without a background in the area.

    I have a career in substance abuse research. The release of dopamine causes the brain to be intoxicated? How so? Dopamine is a natural neurotransmitter that is released when you eat, have fun or engage into anything that’s rewarding. Can you then argue that food is bad because it releases dopamine which intoxicates the brain? Come on…

    There have been major discrepancies in the literature over the years. Mainly because the government has blocked the research on marijuana while the entire scientific community has been wanting to study this herb more thoroughly.

    Marijuana use during critical stages of development does affect brain volume and cerebrospinal fluid later in life. In grown adults this phenomenon doesn’t seem to happen.

    I could go on, but you don’t need to take my word for it. Until you are more honest about how you evaluate information and approach something without such bias, no attempt to educate you will suffice.

    Don’t take my word for it. Look at the experts writing in peer-reviewed journals.

    • Please proceed with your point.I am interested to understand more about it.

    • Hi. This is really a serious issue for me and I would love to get some concrete answers. Drugs like alcohol, cocaine, meth etc.. are clearly intoxicant and have adverse effects in the short and long run with serious impairment of normal functioning. But when I smoke marijuana, I feel relaxed and thoughtful and get the most amazing breakthroughs. It doesn’t push me to commit Haram and doesn’t make me want other intoxicants. Also it helps me concentrate. I am just trying to be a good Muslim. I hope God Almighty reveals answers to me. I came here to find them and all I see are human problems.

      • HI Friend, you feel relaxed when you smoke weed because your training your brain to concentrate on relaxing thoughts after that, you choose weed as a dependent to make you relaxed and get you freed from the worldly emotional toruture and problems, but the actual way as a good muslim or a believer of god is when you recieve your peace and tranquility through prayer, learn to trust in god blindly, anything that happens is by the will of god the problems, the emotions everything comes from him and the solution is also from him, he does not give you anything you cannot handle, do what you like the most, exercise and pray you will find the true peace through god, hope it helps my friend

  • I like to spark a blunt and it does make my thoughts more vivid, getting me closer to god. You can agree or disagree, think it’s harmful or useful. If it’s useful then Allah will never mind his people trying it and using it. If it’s harmful than Allah is more forgiving and merciful than any other. May he forgive all of our sins, big and small, as well as give a place in jannah to all our muslim brothers and sisters. Bless you all.

  • eddy dimayuga the weed smoker
    June 12, 2017 2:22 pm

    i like weed except my girlfriend is a whore i pay

  • YouAreAllDiseased
    June 11, 2017 11:35 pm

    After Ramadan is over I am going to spite all of you misinformed assholes and get high all day even though I never do anything like this in my normal, waking life.

    Weed Mubarak!

  • YouAreAllDiseased
    June 11, 2017 11:17 pm

    Many of you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to marijuana. Posting Youtube links is such a weak way to prove a point. On top of that, these “scholars” haven’t even tried marijuana as medicine. So, how can you have an educated opinion on something you have never experienced?

    Next time your doctor gives you opioids or any other prescription for that matter you should question whether those substances are haraam. There is nothing worse than a self-righteous, arrogant Muslim who thinks they know everything because a “scholar” said so.

  • Marijuana is not even classified as a narcotic 😂😂

  • i smoked cannabis since i was 13, now im 21. and i can say that cannabis is haram. because cannabis is actually leading me to a lot of negative behaviours. and im gonna quit today

    • YouAreAllDiseased
      June 11, 2017 11:12 pm

      You should read what you wrote. Take responsibility and accept that YOU are choosing to engage in bad behaviors. Blaming a substance, person, etc. for YOUR choices is haraam. Grow some balls and assume responsibility.

      • welp, you’re right, its haram for me because i couldnt take the responsibility of my relationship with cannabis, gonna quit anyway

    • Farookh Ahmed
      June 18, 2017 6:11 pm

      Do you think it’s because you started smoking when you were 13?

    • Did u quit?

  • I am fully depended on weed because of my anxiety what should I do Now …..

    • YouAreAllDiseased
      June 11, 2017 11:33 pm

      Anunali. You should begin by reassessing your anxiety and its triggers. Then you should add a proper diet and exercise to your daily routine. Finally, incorporate CBD tinctures (non-alcohol based) into your medicating. CBD is amazing at treating anxiety. Stay way from sativa strains and focus on Indicas or Indica leaning hybrid strains. Leafly.com will help you out with this. Do not over consume marijuana and use it a as a crutch. Like any medicine it should have its time and place. If you don’t live in a state where it is legal, medically or recreationally, consider moving if your anxiety is crippling. Most states DO NOT have anxiety as a qualifying condition for a medical marijuana recommendation so be aware of that so a legal state may be your best bet. Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine are legal. NORML.org will help you with all the state laws.

      I have dealt with anxiety and depression for years and have used marijuana to help deal with both conditions. I have learned that there are many other issues that also need to be addressed in order to stay healthy. My doctor told me to keep using it if it helps as SSRIs were making my depression WORSE. Proof that anti-depressants don’t work for everyone. Be cognizant of the fact that marijuana is a powerful medicine and should not be abused.

      Good luck!

  • hello every one to whom may read this….
    ive been a smoker for quit long years now and its has set good and bad thing in life and the good was from the choices i took when i was high and the bad well that just depended on my choice again but i see no harm in it weed and opium ,,,,they both created from god and mostly all the profitable medicine are coming from those two plants and i really get aggetatted when some muslim brother say its haram because sayyed sestannii said so and khomanii said that what ever the case they say its not prohibited because ppl will start using like mainiacs and like children because u open a gateway to social destruction im pretty sure thats one of the cases.

    and you is marijuana intoxicated i really disagree with that because its not a proven fact its just one of thees misleading factors and if some one consume marijuana and get paranoid or psycholistic dose not mean that it is bad it may be something to think about,,, when i get high 50% chance of me getting paranoid witch i still enjoy it because it teaches me what im doing wrong and how i may able to fix it and im talking about self building ,,, you cant just judge a person or Muslim or any person of age 16 and over because his smoking weed or opium not that i recommend opium but i should be controlled by the government and dose limit i my self nit a opium person …going back to my point most people now days see a person stoned just start to criticize them and that i hate……….
    criticize your self’s be for you criticize other
    weed dose not make you do more then you can able to control your nafs and make sure your roohhhh (soul) is crazyer than your nafs (self) because your self is allways evil but your soul isnt thats why you have counsions you use that very wisely and very carefully dont let any one decide what is wrong or right for you dont you know its allah from the sammawaat yelling the truth for you,,we making to much complain just because we wonna have joint or a two dont you know what allah do to you will make insane in the membrane yaaa hussein

    • It’s haram, for a detailed explanation follow link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JQRFXiUSLsM

      • YouAreAllDiseased
        June 11, 2017 11:23 pm

        You’re an idiot. The gentleman says “What the imams in our Ummah came up with”. That right there says supports that these types of rulings are made based on the personal interpretations of humans. Humans are flawed. Your argument is baseless and weak at best. Stop commenting on things you have don’t research or know anything about.


    • Hrishik Iqbal
      April 28, 2017 8:22 pm

      He created for treatment and to test you, not for abuse. And Dopamine is the endogenous substance, one can’t but have, which gives us the feeling of happiness. Our body, if not an error may occur, doesn’t produce intoxicating amount of dopamine naturally. May Allah guide you to knowledge.

    • Cannabis is not haram but it’s not advisable. I personally don’t like it but nowhere in the Quran did I it state it’s haram. Abusing aspirin or any pain killer for that matter is costly and harmful to the health, heart and brain. If it helps you and in moderation, occasionally, not daily. I can’t see why not? How many brothers are on steroids these days, that’s worse!

      • I agree if it helps you, then its being used for medical purposes, just like aspirin. Medical use, it’s not haram and there is no question about it.

    • Brother 😊 it’s haram: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JQRFXiUSLsM

      • YouAreAllDiseased
        June 11, 2017 11:14 pm

        So, why aren’t prescription meds you get from your doctor not haraam?

    • idkwhatimdoinghere
      July 12, 2017 9:19 pm

      dopamine is created by your brain when u eat exercise or do anything stimulating saying its haraam is like saying breathing is haraam

  • Marijuana is not an intoxicant! Intoxicants are man made such as alcohol, meth, heroine cocaine. Marijuana doesn’t do any damage to the brain! It is haraam to lead astray!

  • Solomongot420
    March 22, 2017 12:10 am

    This fucking articles make me feels bad about islam . these stupid moslem and their “laws”. Tell me from which verse is it that stated marijuana is haram? Fucking smoke it before you said its intoxicating . Do your own fucking research brahh . dont be a snob and judging our action . youre not our lord you fucking faggots .

    • You need to have some manors before saying anything as every one is entitled to their opinion however the use of insults and such a language shows nothing but ignorance and no one will ever value what you say.
      Respect and be polite. Solomongot420

    • Ameen

    • Mrs. Abderrahmane Diafi
      April 19, 2017 1:19 pm

      It is difficult to accept laws that interfere with our lifestyles. There are many who disagree with the classification of weed as a narcotic. Non-muslim law catagorizes weed as a class 1 drug, like herion. I do not agree that it is on the same scale. I also believe that it should be legal. USA could provide better, safer weed, and perhaps put the evil cartels out of business, for they are surely agents of Shaitan. Compared to alcohol, its effects are not dangerous, and rarely lead to violent behavior. It can, however, lead to lewd behavior as it is an aphrodisiac. However, if one is married, and the woman needs a little encouragement, weed can provide a more enjoyable experience for the woman. Pleasurable sex is not haram if one is married. Also, many who suffer from depression and anxiety can find relief in weed that is much safer than the anti depressants and anxiety medications on the market, which slowly poison us and deaden the senses. Anti-depressants must be taken every day. It is dangerous to stop taking the legal meds suddenly. They also cease to work after prolonged use. Weed is not such a tyrant as meds. If used in moderation, it is non-addictive. One can use the weed on a day when their depression and anxiety are over-whelming, and be relieved of their internal agony. There is no need to continue to use it after the crises has been abated by using a small amount of weed, unlike the mandates of legal anti depressants. A person who is suffering from depression and anxiety is inhibited from proper prayer, as concentration is often impossible when suffering these mental impairments. However, to pray while stoned is self-defeating. It will lead to the same loss of concentration. We all know it fogs the memory. Of course, all use should be stopped during ramadan, as it would lessen the suffering of Ramadan. Did the Syrian refugees have a little marijuana as they swam oceans, and walked across continents? No. Did they have cold water in the fridge to slake their burning thrist? No. Did they have a pot of soup on the stove to eat from to fill their empty stomachs? No. They had only their faith. If we are not willing to sacrifice the things that we enjoy, regardless of their danger or lack of it, how can we understand the suffering of others? It will not be easy to forgo weed. We are only human and may fall back upon it should our suffering become overwhelming. Perhaps we shall be forgiven. But it is a thing of this world. We are but travelers. becoming Muslim requires changes in our behavior. It requires self-sacrifice. Will you stand before Allah on the day of judgment, and tell him you decided that the law as set forth in the Koran, did not apply to you, that you have decided what is haram and what is halal? The Koran is a law book. Legistative session is over, there is no appeal. And Allah, the judge of us, will determine whether you followed the law. We do not decide, it is already decided, and no further legislative sessions are possible, it was correct the first time. If you are to call yourself Muslim, if you wish the honor of wearing the hijab, you must obey the law as set forth in the Koran. Anyone can return to Islam, it is free, but it is not cheap. We must submit to the law, it is not a debate.

      • I AGREE with you completely I think weed was sent down on this earth to test those who really have faith in Allah our happiness doesn’t have to come from smoking weed as I learned as a young man in this world Allah taught me that smoking doesn’t give long lasting happiness building a relationship with Allah does

    • Someone should cut your head off! Astaghfirullah!!!

      • YouAreAllDiseased
        May 20, 2017 3:35 am

        You’re a dick Ali. Who the fuck are you to tell someone they should be beheaded?

  • Hamid Assadullah
    April 22, 2016 5:47 am

    Salam, thank you for the taking the time to write this. There are many plants that stimulate the brain including coffee and tea, but also plants like lemon balm. a dried date once ingested causes dopamine discharge in the brain. I think you understand my point. Where to draw the line?

  • streetsofkenny
    March 23, 2016 10:34 pm

    To be fair the marajuana debate is not as black and white as it seems. I used to be completely against MJ and I still hold strong reservations. I have seen the effect it has had on the youth in my city and there is a generation who are growing up with an apathetic attitude to life and possible mental health problems. The evidence suggests this is due to the MJ, however knowledge is power and people must understand why the herb can have both negative effects and positive effects. If you smoke or ingest just to get high you’re not going to like what I say. I personally have no time for the people who argue for MJ just cause they wanna get stoned. I don’t agree with it and Allah has warned us against this, I trust him entirely. However I make no judgement on them as people, it is not my place.

    The part that gets you high is called thc. It is also this part that has been implicated in the nasty psychoactive effects such as paranoia and hallucinations. I believe it is this part that can be classed as haram due to its intoxicatingly effects. Allah (swt) warns us against intoxications.

    The next major part of the plant is called CBD, the article above does not mention this. CBD has been found to be non psychoactive and some believe contains less addictive and euphoric effects than caffeine. It is this part that I believe could be classed as halal. However I do not say this with confidence and a reliable scholar would have to take a look at my statement. Allah (swt) knows best and may he forgive me if what I say displeases him.

    CBD has been found to treat conditions such as arthritis, crohns, colitis, fibromyalgia, ms, eczema, anxiety, muscle spasms, ibs, glaucoma and even cancer.It has been found to be more effective in some cases than legally prescribed drugs some of which produce horrible side effects which are just as debilitating than the disease they are supposed to treat.

    So as a Muslim, I find myself asking how can we extract this potentially halal part from the haram part? Apparently this is currently being investigated across the world and Insh Allah one day it will be done. There are already MJ strains out their that have high CBD low THC ratio but the fact that there is still THC in the strain poses potential problems for a believer. we are told by the Prophet(pbuh) that Allah through his mercy has placed a cure on earth for every disease. I truly believe this and I believe that the Muslim community should be striving to find these cures. I pray that the scholars can look further into this debate and influence the Muslim scientific community to try and harness the anti inflammatory properties of CBD for the benefit of all human kind.

    Please note I do not judge Muslims and non Muslims who use MJ particularly those who do it for medicinal purposes as I myself am currently debating whether to try a strain with very low thc due to a very painful debilitating condition I have which has forced me to quit my job and unable to work. Allah encourages us to show compassion to each other. May he bless us with good health and protect us against evil.

    • Shut the Fuck up

    • Over analytical prick. You’re the reason why people think we Muslims are crazy and are always on edge. Go smoke a blunt and calm your pussy add down. Bitch

      • streetsofkenny
        March 29, 2016 12:47 pm

        Whoah Nelly! Maybe you need to change your strain. Peace out bro and less of the bad language, I’m sure you weren’t brought up to speak to other human beings like that. However I understand, it’s easy to be angry over the Internet when you don’t have to speak to someone face to face. I’m sure if we met each other we’d get on like a house on fire. May Allah bless you and put peace in your heart.

      • Mrs. Abderrahmane Diafi
        April 19, 2017 1:31 pm

        Our religion is one of beautiful language and expressions, all for Allah. English has so many beautiful words as well. We are also required to show respect for every human being, whether Muslim or not, female or male, including those who disagree with us. Using foul language shows anger and intolerance. It stops discussion and offends. It is the refuge of the weak. It also shows a lack of intelligence…out of all the words in the world, why use these? It is also haram to cuss. You insult Islam with your crass language. You insult your hijab. You also fail to express any coherent thought, and you fail to defend your position with intelligent discourse. Your behavior is un-Islamic. You must try harder to control your anger and learn to listen, and to express yourself in a respectful manner, or no one will listen to you. And I have smoked boatloads of weed. I am not without sin. Islam–it is free, but it ain’t cheap. Are you willing to pay the price for paradise?

      • Lol 😂 😂😂

    • Well said, curious to know if your opinions have changed on this matter since you last posted this.

    • respect, may Allah swt reward you for your patience,
      I totally agree with the subject about the CBD strains, wich shouldn’t give any psycho active effect, but only has benefits in curing many things in a natural way.
      Did you know THC has an function that it stops tumor cells from growing, and CBD kills the bad tumor cells..?
      But i do know THC has an psycho active effect as well, so not possible during the day for going salat wich is very important, but then again if you check how long the effect has its durance if it fits from after isha prayer (right before sleep) to fadjr and the effect has gone away before Fadjr then it’s possible to do salat?
      Allahu A’lem, may Allah swt forgive me if i say something that displeases him.
      so if there is no psychoactive effect CBD strains like ACDC where it says it has no psychoactive effect could be used during the day? as for example with vaping extracted CBD oil or even vaping a bud of the acdc.
      If it can be used as in halal as medicine, then growing it and selling it should be halal as well too, otherwise how can you get the medicine?
      Allahu A’lem, may Allah swt enlighten and strengthen the guidance towards a righteous path for our muslim brothers &sisters.

    • If u would researched a little then u would already know that hemp is a plant belonging to cannabis that contains CBD instead of THC and u are saying that one day scientist will find a way to extract CBD from haram THC. Wtf

      • YouAreAllDiseased
        May 20, 2017 3:49 am

        You’re a fucking idiot who has no understanding of the complexities of the Cannabis plant. Hemp contains all cannabinoids and varying amounts of THC. It is called Cannabis Ruderalis which is contrasted with Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

        CBD is already extracted from all species of Cannabis which includes all three types. It is isn’t extracted from THC. Maybe you should do some proper research.

        I work in the Cannabis industry and am a practicing, devout Muslim. I watch it heal and help people everyday. It saved my life 17 years ago and continues to do so.

        Seriously, you fucks need to stop with this “holier than thou” shit. This is why I don’t associate with Muslims other than my family. I can’t stand how you think you know something without experiencing it.

        You’re a fucking faggot Malik S.

  • Patrick Foster
    March 4, 2016 3:11 pm

    Well, I feel the lawfulness or unlawfulness of marijuana in Islam is a matter of perspective. One can you use it to escape , which is harming. Also Smoking Marijuana or anything is harmful. If one uses it to enlighten themselves , I believe it has a beneficial effects. Eating it is a healthy alternative. Therefore, you can see marijuana, as one of herbs the creator put here on this earth for us… Now anything can be harmful , if you use it excessively without moderation. So the reasons and method of intake , personally , determine if it is unlawful or lawful.

  • We believe that this whole universe is the creation of the almighty and whatever comes here comes for a reason right from a minute particle upto large bodies. And The reason why cannabis is here is because to make people aware of themselves , aware of this universe , to know things and to see things which they cannot see normally . Though it has some negative effects but they weigh less in front of its positive effect .And by the way ●Cannabis is a herb not a drug● . Go green stay calm😊. Allah-hafiz.

  • Rhett Carillo
    January 24, 2016 9:02 am

    One question: Who started to prohibit cannabis in 1930s?
    Next question: Do you believe them?

  • I am a white, agnostic drug counsellor who belongs to no religion. I was recently referred a Muslim family for parental concerns over their son (15) drug use. I came across this site after googling Muslims and cannabis in the hope that I may become more informed of any muslim/familial cultural positions on cannabis. The parents express shame upon their son for not trusting in the Quran and have asked me to fix their boy. I feel uncomfortable as the young lad says that his parents need to wake up to modern times. I find it very difficult to find a neutral position with the family. My instinct tells me to privilege the young lads voice and to prioritise harm reduction whilst keeping in mind the voice of the parents but I don’t wish to collude against the parents and their strong Muslim values. Can anyone offer me any advice? Thank you!

    • streetsofkenny
      March 23, 2016 11:27 pm

      First of all Jay, respect to you for coming onto this site with an inquisitive mind and a respectful heart. May Allah bless you for your sincerity. I apologise that nobody has responded quicker. I understand that due to the time lapse in responding the issue you had may no longer be an issue or you may have decided on how to approach it, but I will still provide my opinion if that’s ok?

      Please note that I am not a Muslim scholar so I cannot give a theologically sound opinion however I hope I can at least give you some good advice on the matter.

      The boy’s parents are right to be concerned, it would be odd if they weren’t. You could spend years debating on the pros and cons of MJ, however this does not get away from the fact their boy is not an adult therefore he is their responsibility. By using MJ he is breaking the law, so that’s one reason for concern. The second reason is it contains, in most cases a intoxicating element, THC. Intoxication is prohibited in Islam. Now the non believer may shudder at this as there is a broad belief that everything enjoyable is prohibited and religion is just about killing people’s joy. This is understandable as on the surface it seems this way but most believers particularly those who follow the abrahamic faiths will tell you that the prohibitions are there for our benefit as partaking in that which is prohibited will eventually bring heartache somewhere down the line. We believe Allah wants us to be happy and these prohibitions have a sound logical reason. We trust him completely. For example the biblical and quranic prohibition of pork seems unnecessary. Why on earth would God prohibit this? It has recently been discovered that pork contains parasites that can’t be killed through cooking. These parasites can be very harmful. It has recently been put on the WHO list of foods that could potentially cause cancer. We trust in God.

      Anyway back to your issue. The boy has stated his parents need to wake up to modern times. This indicates to me that his Iman ( faith) is wavering as modern times matter not one jot in matters of faith as Allahs word is eternal and applies until the end of time. This could be a result of mixing with his peers who in modern society often don’t believe in God and he may feel out of place coming from a religious family. however I could be overthinking it as don’t all teenagers feel their parents need to wake up to modern times?

      what I find worrying is that you may feel compelled to fix this problem. This is not your duty. this family should not be putting pressure on you to “fix” their son. You you are not expected to know about Islam even though your desire to learn is commendable. I would advise you to tell the family that you understand their concerns but you will approach the issue from a secular point of view and if they wish to use religion to help them with the matter they ask for help from their local masjid. I have noted that the boy is 15. Regardless of views on MJ it has been found that people who start using younger than 16 have a higher chance of mental health issues in later life. It may be helpful if you point this out to boy.

      You are a trained drug counsellor so you’ll know the best type of course to follow with treating the boy. Pls do not feel that you have to change how you counsel people just because of the religion of the person involved. Counsel the boy the way you see fit, if the family don’t like it then I assume they have the right and freedom to look elsewhere for help?

      If you have any further questions pls gets in touch.

  • Christopher Morton
    January 13, 2016 1:02 am

    Religion never needs actual proof or data. The edict of a prophet is all that is needed for people without minds of their own to sell their souls to a giant cult.

  • Salam alaykum, first and foremost I think it is important to underline Cannabis in a different way to
    Scholars. Cannabis has been used as medication and a brain stimulant for thousands of years. From China through Asia and the Middle East, North Africa and across the Atlantic in South America during Aztec period. It’s a God gifted herb for cooking and medication in many various forms, it awakens the mind and help entice and control emotions. It’s is in no way an intoxicant, it is not a
    Narcotic, it was used even before prophet Muhammad was born, and during his time, and all the way til 80 years ago, when it was made illegal because the paper/forestry industry was threatened by Hemp cannabis because it was more sustainable to grow and harvest and was becoming ever more popular. So a patent was applied for by the head of the paper industry and a few focus groups were carried out and within a
    Matter of months cannabis was made illegal. Not only this, but the big pharma alliance was born in this period and those who
    Prescribe pills for many things have lobbied ever since to keep cannabis illegal. Ur great grandmother probably used cough medication that included cannabis. Thc has wonderful effects which counteract the chemicals our body’s take
    In daily through air, food, water
    And skin products etc. All recent research on cannabis being harmful is lies and there is so much research online to prove otherwise. I use it for type two diabetics control, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, arthritis, and have not taken pills in 5 months alhamdulillah. If any questions contact me on [email protected]

  • This plant has been used since the birth off mankind. Makes us closer to god and has 0 dangerous effects on the body. Though the newer weed, is not natural and has to much tch vs cannabinoids = can be harmfull for mental health.

    Good old weed, on the other hand has the oposite effect.

  • Dillon Jonathan
    May 30, 2015 3:20 am

    I am all for the quran but not with weed being illegal I don’t care what Mohamed said in the quran its says we may use the herbs of the earth and if it wasn’t for weed I would have never even found the quran new study’s have shown that marijuana is gods plant to humans other man made drugs are bad and cigarettes I agree and of course alcohol.

    • Tashfic Hossain Reiza
      February 8, 2016 4:18 am

      if it is harmful it is haram
      but as medical situation weed is halal

      • so growing it and selling it as medicine is halal?, otherwise how could you use the medication?

    • Quran has never banned marijuana. It has banned Alcoholic beverages (Arabic root KH-M-R). Other plant-based intoxicants (Arabic root S-K-R) have not been banned and spoken of positively in the Quran. (16:67) They are only banned before Salat (Quran 4:43)

      Banning psychoactive plants like marijuana and opium is a recent phenomenon among the so-called Muslim Scholars who mistranslated two different root words mentioned above (KHMR and SKR). Earlier use of organic intoxicants are seen widely among both Shia and Sunni scholars. I am sure the Shia scholar who wrote this is aware of this issue! On the other hand, there were some scholars who have banned all psychoactive plants, including coffee and tobacco!

      As for marijuana danger, research has shown it is only dangerous for teenagers and young adults. The benefit outweighs the costs if it is used on rare occasions by older adults.

      I hope our “scholars” stop skewing the words of GOD. Even if they believe psychoactive plants should be banned, they should not base their conclusion on their purposely mistranslated words.

      والله اعلم

  • peakofelephants
    March 18, 2015 3:31 pm

    I applaud the esteemed Shaykh Waqar from taking on this subject, which is one that needs to be addressed big-time in our communities, particularly in North America. That being said, as a hawza student and someone with a professional background in substance abuse treatment, I found this to be a problematic article from both scientific and religiolegal perspectives. It doesn’t matter if recreational marijuana use even *helped* one’s memory, this has no bearing on it’s legal status in our religion. As the tradition goes, “God will not be asked why He made the halal halal, and the haram haram.”