The Eternal Message of Hussayn


On the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharrum 61 AH, the historical event of Ashura took place in Iraq on the bank of the river Euphrates. Around this time of year, millions of Muslims around the world will commemorate the tragic event of Ashura.

Imam Hussayn (as), was the grandson of the final Prophet Muhammad (saww). Years after the prophets death, Yazid ibn Muawyah reigned terror as he unjustly took command and manipulated the minds of the people. He shifted the moral values of the nation without remorse. Indecency, injustice and immorality plagued the rights of the society.

Imam Hussayn  refused to extend his hand in allegiance to such a treacherous serpent. He chose to take a stand against the corruption of Yazid and thus the enduring story of Karbala began. A bloody battle ensued between Imam Hussayn’s army of 75 and Yazid’s army of 30,000. Although Imam Hussayn, along with his kin and companions were mercilessly tortured and killed, they emerged as the true victors.

Imam Hussayn stood for truth and refuted falsehood under the tyrannical empire of Yazid. He refused to remain silent or stand idly by as his nation fell into turmoil. His dauntless heroism is admirable in such a dire and delicate situation.

It was through his selfless sacrifice he demonstrated to take a stand against evil and resist oppression of any sort, even on the brink of death. Imam Hussayn is the true manifestation of devotion and valor beyond compare.

Fourteen centuries later, Imam Hussayn’s message lives on with even greater impact. He has inspired the likes of both Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide as his tale vividly awakens the very heart of man. Hussayn’s legacy of courage, morality and justice transcends through time and space. His message is universal, his legacy unforgettable.

Hussayn is eternal.