The Pure and Faithful Lineage of Prophet Muhammad

A look into the pure lineage of our beloved Final Messenger – may our understanding of him help us better our faith as Muslims.

A look into the pure lineage of our beloved Final Messenger – may our understanding of him help us better our faith as Muslims.

The blessed character of the Last prophet (Peace be upon him), his life, and his personality serve as the ultimate role model for all of humanity. The arrival of the month of Rabi ul Awal serves as a poignant reminder of Allah’s boundless mercy, embodied in the form of His beloved Prophet.

In Islamic history, the lineage and ancestors of the Final Prophet ﷺ  hold a place of unparalleled significance, particularly in the chapter of the Mawlid. This topic is akin to a captivating narrative, heavenly selections, pure marriages, and an unbroken chain that leads all the way back to Adam.

So, let’s explore his incredible lineage, guided by the Final Prophet Muhammad’s own words and trusted Hadiths. It’s worth taking to understand the remarkable purity of his ancestry, a source of inspiration for people all around the world.

The Versions of Lineage

Narrated Wathilah bin Al-Asqa’:

That the last Messenger (Peace be upon him) said: “Indeed Allah has chosen Isma’il from the children of Ibrahim, and He chose Banu Kinanah from the children of Isma’il, and He chose the Quraish from Banu Kinanah, and He chose Banu Hashim from Quraish, and He chose me from Banu Hashim.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3605)

The Hadith from Jami at-Tirmidhi holds immense significance, as it unequivocally establishes the ancestral link between Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and the beloved Prophet, tracing it through the lineage of Prophet Ismail without any controversy. It is widely accepted that this noble lineage extends back to the very first human, Hazrat Adam. However, when it comes to tracing the exact family tree all the way to Prophet Adam, the available resources and evidence remain insufficient, leaving room for further exploration and study.

There are three accepted versions referring to the blessed lineage of Prophet Muhammad. The first one is verified by biographers and genealogical experts and has ancestral ties to Adnan. The second lineage claim, while captivating, has been shrouded in controversy and boldly traces the Prophet Muhammad’s ancestral heritage beyond Adnan, all the way back to the blessed lineage of Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham). The third version traces Prophet Muhammad‘s family tree all the way from Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) back to the very first human, Prophet Adam, but it has some concerns due to the absence of solid evidence.

Ancestral Ties to Adnan

Starting from the first version: Muhammad Ibn – Abdullah Ibn – Abdul-Muttalib – Ibn Hashim, Ibn-Abd Munaf) ‘Ibn- Qusayy ‘Ibn-Kilab’ Ibn- Murrah’ Ibn- Ka’b Ibn Lu’ay-Ibn-Ghalib’ -Ibn Fahr (who was titled Quraysh so his tribe’s name was referred to his title)- Ibn Malik- Ibn An Nadr – Ibn-Kinanah’ Ibn- Khuzaymah-Ibn- Mudrikah’ Ibn- Ilylas’ Ibn-Mudar’ Ibn- Nizar Ibn- M’aad’ Ibn- Adnan.

Ancestral heritage traced beyond Adnan to Prophet Ibrahim

The second version: Adnan-Ibn A’dd Ibn-Humaisi’ Ibn- Salaman’ Ibn-Aws’ Ibn- Buz’ Ibn -Qamw’al Ibn- Oba’i -Ibn Awwa’m-Ibn N’ashid -Ibn H’aza -Ibn B’ildas -Ibn Y’adlaf-Ibn Ta’bikh -Ibn Jahi’m-Ibn Nahi’sh-Ibn Mak’hi -Ibn Aid -Ibn A’bqar -Ibn Uba’id-Ibn Ad-Da’a -Ibn H’amdan -Ibn Sanb’ir -Ibn Ya’thrabi-Ibn Yah’zin -Ibn Ya’lhan -Ibn A’awi -Ibn A’id -Ibn Des’han -Ibn Ai’sar -Ibn A’fnad -Ibn Ai’ham -Ibn Mu’ksar -Ibn Nah’ith -Ibn Zar’ih -Ibn Sam’i -Ibn Ma’zzi -Ibn Awda -Ibn Aram -Ibn Qaidar -Ibn Isma’eel son of Ibr’aheem.

Tracing the lineage back to Prophet Adam

The third version: Ibraheem- Ibn Ta’rih (Az’ar) Ibn- Nah’ur -Ibn Saru -Ibn R’au -Ibn Fa’likh -Ibn A’bir -Ibn Sh’alikh -Ibn Arfa’khshad -Ibn Sa’m -Ibn Noah -Ibn Lam’ik -Ibn Mutwashlack -Ibn Akh’nukh (Prophet Idrees) -Ibn Ya’rid -Ibn Mahlai’l Ibn QaIbn -Anusha -Ibn Shes’th -Ibn Adam.

Faithful Lineage: Belief of Prophet Muhammad’s Ancestors According to Sunni and Shi’a Traditions

Throughout history, the lineage of the Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad has been a subject of profound interest and debate among scholars from various Islamic traditions.

Among those who have delved into this subject, the renowned Sunni scholar Imam Jalaluddin as-Suyuti stands as an exemplary figure. He dedicated nine comprehensive works to the meticulous examination of this lineage, arriving at a resounding conclusion: all the ancestors of Prophet Muhammad were unwavering true believers.

This conclusion transcends sectarian boundaries, finding acceptance not only among Sunni scholars but also among the Shi’a Ithna-Asheris, the Hanafis, and the Shafi’is. According to their collective belief, the lineage of The Chosen One (Al-Mujt’aba), stretching from ‘Abdullah to Qidar ibn Isma’il, and from there all the way back to the progenitor of humanity, Adam, consists of individuals who were steadfast in their faith. They embraced the One and Only God and faithfully adhered to the Divine religion of their respective eras.

A noteworthy aspect of this ancestral lineage is its adherence to the Shari’ah of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Each generation, from Qidar to ‘Abdullah, conscientiously followed the divine guidance set forth by Prophet Ibrahim, for this was the religion prescribed for them by God.

Shaykh ‘Abdul-Haqq Muhaddith Dehlawi, another eminent scholar, offered a compelling perspective on this matter. He asserted that every single ancestor of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, from Adam to ‘Abdullah, was pure and untainted by disbelief or paganism. Such an immaculate lineage is fitting for the one chosen to be the bearer of the Holy Light of Prophethood.

Indeed, it is inconceivable that Allah would place this sacred light into an impure or disbelieving lineage. Furthermore, the idea of Allah punishing the ancestors of the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment, thereby subjecting him to humiliation in the eyes of the world, appears illogical and untenable.

Purity of Lineage of Al Muja’taba (The Chosen One)

In the world of Islamic history, there’s something very special about the Al Muja’taba (The Chosen One). He was chosen by Almighty Allah for a unique role as the final Prophet, and his family tree is exceptionally pure.

Imam Al Qastallani has mentioned the following narrations in his famous al-Mawahib al-laduniyya bi al-minah al-Muhammadiyya from several companions of Holy Prophet that mention his descent through pure lineage from Prophet Adam (a.s): “Hawwa (Eve) (a.s) gave birth to forty sons from Adam (a.s), in twenty births; but she gave birth to Sheesh (Biblical Seth) (a.s) separately, out of respect to Our Master Muhammad, whose light moved from Adam to Sheesh (Seth). Before Adam’s death, he gave Sheesh (Seth) custody over his children, and he, in turn, entrusted the children with the testament of Adam: to put this light only into pure women. This testament continued, century after century, until Allah gave this light to Abdul Muttalib, the Prophet’s grandfather and his son Abdullah, the Prophet’s father. In this way, Allah kept pure the impeccable lineage of Prophet Muhammad from the fornication of the ignorant.”

The Prophet Muhammad explained this by saying, “I came into this world through a proper marriage, not a forbidden relationship. This has been the case since the time of Adam, long before my parents had me. So, I wasn’t affected by the wrong things people did in the past. (Pre Islamic era or Zamane Jahiliyat)” (At-Tabarani – graded as Hadith by Hasan by al-Albani)

In other words, the Prophet Muhammad’s family background was always based on lawful marriages, even before his time.

Ibn-S’aad and Ibn-Asaakir related that al-Kalbi said, “I recorded for the Prophet Muhammad‬ five hundred mothers, and did not find any promiscuity among them or anything of the practices of the days of ignorance.” By “mothers” he referred to grandmothers, great-grandmothers, etc. from both his father’s and mother’s sides.

So, the Prophet Muhammad’s lineage was not only chosen by Allah but also exceptionally pure, setting a great example for all believers.

Hisham-ibn Muhammad Al-Kalbi narrated that his father said, “I counted for Prophet Muhammad five hundred mothers, and I never found in any of them a trace of fornication or any of the ignorant one’s affairs.”

Ibn-Abbas narrated that the Holy Prophet Muhammad said, “My parents never committed any fornication. Almighty Allah kept moving me from the good loins to pure wombs, purified and refined- whenever there were two ways to go, I was in the best of them.”


The profound truth emerges that Prophet Muhammad is the epitome of humanity’s excellence. In Allah’s divine wisdom, the Prophet’s blessed lineage is a testament to His choice of the purest, most faithful, and exceptional individuals as the ancestors of this beloved Prophet.

This divine selection further reinforces the unparalleled status of the Musta’fa as the best of humans, a radiant light that continues to guide and inspire countless hearts throughout history.

These poetic verses eloquently honor the purity of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his blessed family lineage.

From the time of Adam the loins and wombs kept protecting his lineage.

Until he was transferred in pure marriage; no two had met in what was unlawful.

He appeared as a full moon the night of his birth, unblemished by the darkness.

Darkness vanished at his bright lights, for light will not let any darkness remain.

Thanks to him who gave us this blessing whose nature is not within an illusion.