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Angels of Mercy: Spoken Word Poem in Tribute of Razan al-Najjar

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This emotional spoken word is in tribute to Razan al-Najjar and every innocent Palestinian soul killed fighting for their rights. Scroll down for the video and full lyrics.

Razan al-Najjar was a Palestinian medic from Gaza who was brutally killed by an Israeli sniper as she heroically tended to the wounds of injured protesters. Though she was clearly wearing a white medic coat, Zionist occupation forces still pulled the trigger from a sniper which pierced her chest leaving her coat soaked in blood. Razan al-Najjar isn’t the first innocent civilian to be killed by the genocidal forces of Israel, and certainly will not be the last until Palestine is free from the occupiers.

Full lyrics

في اللغة العربيه، غالباً ما نسمي الممرضين بملائكة الرحمه

In the Arabic language, nurses are often called ‘angels of mercy’.

From up here, she sees the world in all its beauty….and all its destruction

She gravitates over her land, over her people, she tells herself, “we do what we must for our people” and she flew up to the heavens that opened its gates for her

The heavens groomed her wings, shined her crown, embraced her like the motherland embraces its indigenous people, loved her, picked a rose from its gardens and greets her – heaven seems complete now

The earth however- the earth cries in agony over her

As it embraces her in its soil, as it hears the cries of her blood that stained her armor

As it smells its own soil go moist as the eyes of people water her grave

See – the heavens, celebrate its angel

The earth mourns the loss of an angels departure,

Rumbles as its lava boils like blood over the people who think they are greater than God

The earth feels a flesh wound upon her lands,

The earth whispers to the surface, she cries in every language, she floods her voice in the waves of her oceans,

Crying from the pits of her lungs that they’ve poisoned,


These are my children

These are my angels

This is my right

You do not owe me war

You do not owe me destruction

You do you owe me chaos

You do not Own me

The heavens begin weeping over the sound of the earths cries. The heavens have seen a smile at the beginning of a sniper,

And a corpse at the end.

The heavens looks down at the earth,

The heavens  asks, ‘since when was a healer a threat?’

The earth looks up and replies, ‘since the the one who injures is fearful’

The heavens ask, ‘Fearful? Of what? Of whom??”

The earth chuckles and says, “of their end”

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