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Watch how this Israeli comedian slams Israel for apartheid

FeaturedMiddle East

Watch how this Israeli comedian slams Israel for apartheid

This video is going viral right now, and it’s for all the right reasons.


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This video is going viral right now, and it’s for all the right reasons.

Well, someone had to say it.

A video is going viral right now, and it’s for all the right reasons. Israeli comedian Assaf Harel chose to close his show with an incredible monologue calling out Israel for apartheid.

“We’ve been abusing the Palestinians on a daily basis for years, denying them their basic rights.”

He begins by discussing how, for all its faults, Israel is a great place to live (great in terms of weather, food, people and beaches) – but then saying that that is exactly the point! They are doing great, whereas the Palestinian people are in a horrible state, in everything from healthcare to food, to education and overall poverty.

He calls out the blatant racism of Israelis and how the people of Gaza suffer as a result, since Israel controls what goes in and out of it. And that the people warning of apartheid are a joke – for apartheid is clearly, already here, but since Israelis are on its good side, they just don’t seem to care.

He continues to call out the hypocrisy of incarcerating Palestinian journalists and killing of stone-throwers, which on the flip side would simply not happen to Israelis. And that the hatred Israelis complain about in peace talks is quite obviously a result of how Israelis treat Palestinians, and how they simply do not care about what is happening to them.

Watch the firely full 5-minute video here:

DISCLAIMER: We do not believe in providing a platform to anyone who lives in occupied Palestine, but we thought this was important to share.

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  • At least he can speak his mind and criticise his own government which carries a death penalty in most Muslim states

  • “You don’t believe in giving a platform to anyone living in the occupied territory” first it’s not the occupied territories he was speaking from but Israel which like it or not exists second maybe that biggest obstacle to peace is the attitude of the Muslim world which fails to give a platform to most who don’t agree with all aspects of it it also fails to admit and condemn its own actions (unlike the person you just reported on) the ethnic cleansing of Christian’s Armenians Druze yazidi zoharstrians Hindus and not forgetting the 1.1 million Jews that had fled Muslim Arab lands to only find find and make a home in Israel which in for all its faults gives all its citizens including its minority’s more freedom and rights than most the Arab world let me be clear I tagree with most of the the remarks of the person you “gave a platform to” and the Palestinian deserve a Homeland and justice but there is always 2 sides to a conflict and everyone deserve a platform it’s the only way to real peace

  • Assaf said that the right wing have been successful in keeping most of Israel ignorant of what goes beyond the green line – the cruel subjugation of the Palestinians. I go one further and claim that the the right wing government of Israel have been pretty successful in keeping the world muted over the shameless treatment of their neighbour. We live in an age where if a heritage tree is uprooted all hell will break loose and we will have people who will defend the right of that old tree to remain in situ. But uprooting Palestinians and bombing them into smithereens by zionist ( who are mostly atheist) claiming that they are the only rightful owners of God – promised land have usually been met with deafening silence by the western world. As a comedian Assaf should have pick up on atheist believing in a God’s promise and bring out some needed laughter for us.
    But people like Assaf and some fair-minded Jews could be the light at the end of a long and blind tunnel to convince Israel that Justice and NOT denial is the road map for Peace.