A tribute to #Muharram2014

Stand proud. I salute and bow with respect to my community peers who work relentlessly in devotion to the message of Imam Hussain – which is a message of humanity and justice.

May God bless and continue to strengthen;

The channels such as Ahlulbayt TV and Safeer TV working to deliver the tragedy of Karbala into our homes, through creative media.

The event organisers, (too many to mention by name) who strive to deliver the story of Ashura into our minds and hearts with Majalis and conferences that strengthen our faith and union.

Sheikh Ahmed Haneef - Who is Hussain #TeamGiveBackThe organisations, such as Who is Hussain, The 10th Day and the Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign (once again too many to mention) that are doing their part to communicate the message of Imam Hussain to the masses and even enable the community to take part in charitable deeds and actions #TeamGiveBack

The poets and the reciters who deliver the soul of Muharram into our hearts with poetry and beautiful recitation of tales and eulogy.

The ulema and speakers who impart wisdom and knowledge, fortify our beliefs and guide us towards better practice.

The volunteers who in their love for God and the Ahlulbayt serve us, protect us and who work hard to ensure our comfort to give us a better experience of absorbing the passion of The Master of Martyrs.

The donors, who through the sacrifice of their wealth enable thousands of others to be one step closer towards God and the path of the Ahlulbayt.

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The cameramen and ‘geeks’ who spend their nights trying to capture and share the essence of the holy nights so that we have access to more across digital platforms.

The people. The people who ultimately take part in making it all happen and and ensure that the love for Imam Hussain and his message continues to exist.

I salute you all and stand humble to you, not just the community in London but worldwide and especially in the West where are seeing a revival of the true spirit towards higher objectives and ambitions. May Allah (swt) continue to guide, enlighten and protect us from the Satan and the satan that exists within us.

muharram majlis imam hussain londonA common theme unites everyone. The love of God and the Ahlulbayt. We may have our differences and some ideas might be separate entirely – but we should work towards building on what we have and resolving our issues in productive and positive ways. After all, if there is a lesson to take from the 10 nights we ALL cherish and yearn for is, if we need to learn from history that if our community becomes divided – we will be inadequate to serve the imam of our time. Just as the people before who let’s their weaknesses prevent them from achieving true victory in the eyes of Allah. Let’s be responsible with what we have, and work towards making it even better so the world know that the Shia of Ali ibn Abu Talib are alive and ready.

Let’s make sure we aren’t just saying ‘Labbayk Ya Hussain’ – we are actually answering the call as well.

Ya Hussain.

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