The history of Islam in America – Tuesday 7th June (trailer)

The idea of Islam having a deep and rich history in North America is nothing short of fascinating – especially when today’s Stateside climate classes Islam and anything else in the East as alien, evil, anti-justice, anti-peace and anti-equality. Therefore it was fascinating to embark on this journey with Faraz Hamedani, and discover just how ancient Islam’s touch and presence in America actually is.

It is a documentary that was a dream of mine to make, being always fascinated by history and especially untaught/widely unknown history. Especially when the importance of such a topic has never been more prevalent, with Islamophobia being used by Presidential candidates to further their own interests, and American media painting a disgusting image of Islam and Muslims. Whilst the idea of America is a wonderful one – liberty and justice for all – the unfortunate reality is that Muslims seem to be excluded from the word “all”.

I hope that this documentary opens the eyes of many and enlightens the hearts of so many more. Watch it on Saturday 7th June on Ahlulbayt TV (Sky channel 831)