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Don’t Be Fooled – The People of the World Really Do Support Palestine

Solidarity with Palestine has never been more important.

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Solidarity with Palestine has never been more important.

It can be sickening to see images of politicians and world leaders eagerly supporting Israel as innocent Palestinian children and civilians continue to be bombed to death. The recent images of US President Joe Biden embracing Netanyahu – a war criminal – is enough to feel physically sick.

It can be heartbreaking to listen to a constant stream of biased, racist, and deliberately misleading news cycles in which the sole purpose seems to turn the entire Palestinian people into nothing more than pests.

It can be so disturbing, and physically revolting, to see colleagues, work associates, friends, and family members, who are adamant on blaming Palestinians for the unfolding genocide.

It can feel like the entire world is celebrating a genocide.

But it’s important to remember, that despite what a select few in governments and media may say, the people of the world really do stand with Palestine.

We are witnessing an entire shift in the way we view not only Palestine, but how our governments really are. The truth continues to come out, and people across the world are joining in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

There have been massive protests around the globe – marches have erupted, organized by ordinary citizens, from Colombia to New York to Paris to Cairo to Baghdad to South Korea.

Millions have poured into the streets – marching down cities, protesting in front of Israeli embassies, and literally breaking down barriers to shout the truth of what is happening: we are witnessing a complete and utter genocide being conducted by the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

The Israeli state is using terrorism as a tactic – bombing, killing, and terrorizing civilians – in order to break an entire people. What we are witnessing is the annihilation of an entire people.

But do not lose hope, and do not lose momentum – if anything, the more we see our politicians and greedy media moguls scramble to control the narrative, the more we know we are winning.

We must continue to protest, continue to raise our voices, continue to spread awareness, and continue to not lose hope. We owe it to the Palestinians – we must show them that the people of the world really do support them.