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Imran Khan Took On Donald Trump In An All Out Twitter Feud

Earlier this week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump engaged in a war of words on Twitter.

Speaking to Fox News in an interview that aired on Sunday, Trump defended his decision to stop military aid to Pakistan by claiming that Pakistan does not to “a damn thing” for the United States and that Bin Laden was hidden with the help of its government.

Imran Khan took to Twitter the next morning to fend off the attack, picking apart Trump’s allegation point by point.

Trump, not one to be called out on social media, pounced back on Twitter, referring to Pakistan as “fools”, and claiming that despite giving Pakistan “Billions of Dollars”, Pakistan do nothing for the United States and give nothing in return.

Imran Khan responded in less than an hour, saying that Trump’s “false assertions” add “insult to the injury (Pakistan) has suffered”, continuing that Pakistan will now prioritise their own peoples and interests.

The Trump administration cancelled $300m in military aid to the country in September, citing the failure of the country to act against terrorist groups still active in the country.

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