Stand up to Trump: Use the hashtag #IThinkIslamHatesUs (6pm GMT today)

Share how Muslims in the West contribute positively to their community, use the hashtag #IThinkIslamHatesUs at 6pm GMT across all social media!

From day one of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign he has spewed hate-speech against various minorities in America and Muslims have been at the receiving end of this onslaught for quite some time. Yesterday the reality TV star ludicrously stated, “I think Islam hates us.” We want you help to tell the world what Islam and Muslims are really about!

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The Muslim Vibe is calling on Muslims to use the hashtag #IThinkIslamHatesUs and talk about the positive contributions of Muslims to society/the West. Let the world know that despite the horrible things Donald Trump has been saying about Muslims over the past few months, Muslims have contributed and continue to contribute to society in a plethora of meaningful ways. Here are some things you can tweet about:

  • Positive Islamic teachings: “That man is not from me who sleeps contentedly while his neighbour sleeps hungry.” Prophet Muhammad #IThinkIslamHatesUs
  • Your profession: I’m a Muslim dentist and help cure people’s pain #IThinkIslamHatesUs
  • News stories of Muslims doing good things: The young Muslims who cleaned up Croydon http://thecroydoncitizen.com/politics-society/young-muslims-cleaning-croydon/ #IThinkIslamHatesUs
  • Charity work or things that you do to give back: I’m a Muslim and I help at a local food bank for the homeless #IThinkIslamHatesUs

Get involved NOW and please share this with all your friends and family!

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