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The fatwa you didn’t hear about that should be going viral

Unfortunately, positive Muslim stories don’t happen to make the news, neither do positive fatwas by leading Muslim scholars (I mean, who wants to read about that, right?)

2 weeks ago, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani in Najaf, Iraq, issued a fatwa calling for Iraqis to help refugees in their country. Transmitted via his representative in a Friday sermon, Dr. Abbas Kadhim translated the full fatwa on Twitter:

“Due to increase of internally displaced people & shortage of resources, we call on all respected Iraqi citizens, to contribute all they can to reduce the suffering. This is the best way to be close to God. It is also a means to unite the people in times of crisis. Giving aid to the internally displaced people is similar, in God’s regard, to support of fighters against terror. Not to mention that these IDPs are our brothers & sisters, our fellow citizens.”

In response to the fatwa, 1,000 large trucks loaded with food and supplies left south and central Iraqi cities to IDP locations, Dr. Abbas Kadhim says.

While much of the media continues to try and push a sectarian narrative in Iraq, this fatwa is a wonderful reminder that the leadership – both Sunni and Shia – care about unity, and more importantly, humanity.

According to an IDMC report in December 2015, there were approximately 3.3 million displaced Iraqis in the country. A number that has no doubt risen in the past year.

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  1. It is immaterial whether you call it a fatwa or an order from a Mujtahed, call it what you may. It is simply a call for humanitarian assistance for the needy, for our own brothers and sisters, children, women and man who are suffering for no fault of their own, except for fanaticism, extremism and ignorance of the majority of Muslim umma.

  2. I agree with sister Fatima, that it is not a fatwa but as it came from our mujtahid, it is a “HUQMA” which literally translated to “order”. May Allah bless all of them who have taken part in this “path of humanity.”

  3. Alhumdolillah for our great leaders. May I offer, though, that this is not a ‘fatwa’, rather a piece of valuable advice from the leader. A ‘fatwa’ is a ruling derived from Quran and Ahadees.

      1. @Reza Fatima is right though it isn’t a fatwa it could be translation or something or practically speaking they take it as a fatwa because practically speaking it is. But technically speaking sh is right from what I have heard. However the Iraqi’s will treat this as if it is a fatwa which is good.

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