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What Makes The Palestinian Catastrophe Incomparable To Any Crime That Has Occurred in Humanity?

Palestinians are the largest and longest-suffering group of refugees in the world. One in three refugees worldwide is Palestinian and over 60% are registered for humanitarian assistance with the UN.

Palestinians are the largest and longest-suffering group of refugees in the world. One in three refugees worldwide is Palestinian and over 60% are registered for humanitarian assistance with the UN.

The formation of Israel was a settler-colonial project – the biggest of its kind in history that was founded by the hegemonic global ruling system, solely to serve their interest. 

The reality is that the Zionists were hunters for sources of power in the world that could actualise their vision of a Jewish homeland, and wherever the imperialists place the Zionists they will follow. 

During the beginning of the 20th century, imperial Britain was adamant about creating for itself an extension in the land of Palestine, which was specifically chosen due to the benefits of the strategic location and the history of the land, that could be used as a justifying pretext to the world.

The Zionists and their imperial masters weaponized the anti-semitism [1] that existed within sections of the people, and activated this into a slogan that was used to justify the containment of settler Jews in Palestine, whilst blackmailing those resisting the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians into accepting this new reality.

The USSR was the first government to recognize the illegitimate establishment of Israel [2], and sent a large number of settler Jews there, whilst the US took over Britain’s role after rising to power post-WWII, providing the bulk of financial, political, security, and military support to the occupying state – to the extent that its existence is purely dependent and linked to the US. 

Israel’s functional role is to act as a stick for the world superpower, namely the US, used in order to punish other entities in the region that fail to obey US orders, and for them to maintain a direct presence at the heart of the strategic Middle East (West Asia).

The nature of the oppression

Israel is the only settler-colonial state existing today. This means the existence of the occupying Israeli settlers is predicated on the forced and violent removal of the indigenous inhabitants of the land prior to 1948.

During the 1948 Nakba, Israeli forces killed an estimated 13,000 Palestinians and forcibly evicted 700,000-1 million Palestinians from their homes and land. 531, (50%), of Palestinian villages were entirely depopulated and destroyed [3]. 

The Nakba continues today. Palestinians are the largest and longest-suffering group of refugees in the world. One in three refugees worldwide is Palestinian and over 60% are registered for humanitarian assistance with the UN [4].

Within occupied Palestine, the occupying state has displayed no limits to their aggression in pursuit of their expansionist ideals, and have not been held to any account for their crimes against humanity.  

The magnitude of the oppression

The perpetrators realise a great magnitude of direct force and violence is needed to prevent any rebellion movement, since the thief understands the victim will resist with whatever they have, and they therefore seek to crush the spirit of this resistance.

The occupying state has made it mandatory for every Israeli Jew to serve in the IDF [5], and they are indoctrinated from a young age to believe every Palestinian is a ‘terrorist’, whilst their survival is dependent on getting rid of the indigenous Palestinians. 

With over 2.5 million Palestinians living in the West Bank, an extremely densely populated region, Israel is not only seizing the best land and resources through annexing the territories and giving themselves false authority over the land, but they are striving to create an unbearable condition for the Palestinians living within, such that they become hopeless and would want to immigrate and abandon their own homeland. 

Continuity of the oppression

Since the financial and military existence of Israel is completely linked to the US, this oppression will continue, until Israel loses its functional role (which is to act as a stick for securing American interests in the region), due to the balance of powers that are increasingly not in the US’ favour in the region.

Unless Israel is dismantled, there will be constant tension in the region, as it is an entity rejected by the people of the surrounding neighbouring nations. America has not reached the point where it will forego sustaining Israel, despite the fact it represents a heavy burden on America’s shoulders. This is due to the complexity of doing so on a historical and psychological level, whilst the general culture of the far-right has internalized the need for Israel on a theological level.

The reality is that the affairs will go in this direction until it becomes uncontrollable, since America’s presence is shrinking in the region and it will do whatever is necessary to secure its interests. The US will consider foregoing Israel when it becomes an obstruction to the US interests in the region; this will occur when the stick (Israel) that is used to punish other entities needs another stick to provide it with protection, hence losing its functional role.

Besides the axis of resistance and its proponents, all countries are turning a blind eye to the continuous oppression in Palestine, which is legitimised by the majority of the world, since there is an overlap between their aims and they only account for what is in their interests. They seek to wipe the history of Palestine and grant legitimacy to Israel’s existence, although acknowledging its illegality should by any standards create an uprising.

It is the responsibility of all of humanity to correct the biggest shame to have occurred, and all nations need to apply pressure on their governments to sever ties with the occupying state and to grant the right of return, in addition to compensation for all Palestinian citizens.


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