“Muslim Manifesto” to be launched ahead of UK General Election

A “Muslim Manifesto” consultation process is being launched in the House of Lords tonight, with the aim of presenting a list of recommendations about the needs of British Muslims to all political parties ahead of the General Election on March 7.

The Muslim Manifesto is a call-to-action and a set of policy recommendations targeting all Muslim and non-Muslim British politicians in local councils and parliament.

Following a nationwide consultation process which began in late January, the final manifesto will be presented to all political parties contesting the General Election.

The launch event “Manifesto Watch” will be hosted by Lord Nazir Ahmed in the House of Lords and attended by MPs, Peers, leaders of the Muslim community, academics, thinkers, community activists and media professionals.

The Muslim population, estimated at 2,786,635 in the 2011 census, makes up a substantial proportion – approximately 4.4% – of the British population, however it is plagued by chronic socio-economic and cultural problems.

Currently the Muslim community and its associated ethnicities lag behind other religious and ethnic communities in many areas including academic attainment, employment, household wealth, health and well-being, and crime.

The manifesto will be non-sectarian and not owned by any single organisation or individual with the aim of forging a more united future for the British Muslim community which has been historically held back by community in-fighting and organisational power-play.

The Muslim population is a demographic of growing political significance. Muslim News has estimated that as many as 40 constituencies in the 7th May General Election could be determined by a Muslim swing vote.

via 5Pillars.