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[Opinion] US Imperialism and Zionism: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

The struggle against Zionism belongs to the struggle against imperialism and remains a common cause for revolutionary movements dedicated to political change. 

The struggle against Zionism belongs to the struggle against imperialism and remains a common cause for revolutionary movements dedicated to political change. 

Israel represents a colonial enclave on stolen land established unjustly by force of arms – and the Palestinian and Arab people, therefore, preserve the right to resist by force of arms. Since the Zionists uprooted the Palestinian people from their land and because of the historical and national rights they hold – the Palestinian right to self-determination and the “state of Israel” stand as mutually exclusive. They negate each other.

To recognize any “state of Israel” denies the Palestinians the right to their usurped land. Real change towards justice requires an end to the construction of Zionist settlements on land stolen from native Palestinian ownership.

At a time when the Zionists and imperialists seek to annex the rest of Palestine – people of conscience must escalate the united struggle against American and Zionist interests worldwide through BDS and every means necessary. People should set aside differences to unite and continue to apply pressure without pause until the total and complete liberation of Palestine. 

As we condemn apartheid in occupied Palestine, we must also expose and condemn capitalism and white supremacy here in the United States which violently established itself on stolen Native American land. The Zionist policy of ethnic cleansing would not continue without the full and complete support of American imperialism of billions of dollars annually with bipartisan support. 

The US continues to violently violate international law in Palestine while mass incarcerating its own citizens for petty nonviolent crimes. The Democrats who masquerade themselves as friends of the people and champions of peace just approved military aid to the illegal Zionist entity as it bombards the besieged people of Gaza while its own people suffer depression like economics without adequate access to health care in the midst of a pandemic.

Each fighter jet or tank could cover student debt and tuition costs or make a healthy down payment on a school or a hospital or a childcare facility. Instead, even university administrations remain complicit in genocide through investments, military/FBI/CIA recruitment, and the promotion of military research in the subordination of education to the needs of capitalism.

The Zionist entity constitutes an expansion of “Manifest Destiny” as a bastion of white supremacy that occupies Arab nations. Israel and the United States embody two settler colonies as partners in white supremacy. We must recognize and condemn Zionist involvement in the development of fascist police-state “security” on this continent for the protection of settler elites.

Israeli private security companies like Instinctive Shooting International provide “security” to US corporations in addition to training programs for racist US police forces. The military and surveillance technology company Elbit Systems – central in the construction of the illegitimate that now divides and imprisons communities in Palestine – contracted itself to the US settler regime to build the militarily imposed “border” wall with Mexico. 

Maintaining a Zionist base of power in the US means creating a political context in which Zionism will thrive which entails the suppression of anti-colonial consciousness. Zionists view anti-colonial movements in North America as a threat to their base of power and coordinate with the US police state to repress them.

Zionism constitutes a major component of US imperialism that has incorporated itself into US projects globally — not just in the Arab homeland, but across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Zionists funded, armed, and trained repressive regimes and right-wing death squads across Latin America and Africa. Zionists also work to facilitate the development of highly repressive forms of technology, the militarized police state, the legalization of torture, and the illegitimate “war on terror”.

Historically, Zionist organizations like the JDL worked with the KKK to build a violent white supremacist movement. Zionist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League carry an extensive history of spying on oppositional groups and providing information to both domestic and foreign intelligence services. The struggle against Zionism belongs to the struggle against imperialism and remains a common cause for revolutionary movements dedicated to political change. 

Any ideology that says some people of white European descent hold superiority over others because of their race, nationality, or religion amounts to racism. It amounts to racism whether Hitler, the KKK, or “Israel” says it. Zionism emerged historically to accommodate anti-Semitism instead of to eliminate it in order to exploit it for the purpose of justifying a Zionist state.

The Zionist Federation became the only party besides National Socialism legally permitted in Nazi Germany. German Zionists denounced foreign Jews (particularly US Jews) for launching a boycott against Nazi Germany. Hitler agreed with the Zionist objective of colonizing Palestine by 1920, and instead of fighting anti-Semitic fascism where it emerged in the West – Zionism compromised and collaborated with anti-Semitism to support European settler-colonialism in the Arab region.

The path to end anti-Semitism does not lie in cooperation with imperialist murderers to repress the liberation struggle of Palestine. The main safeguard against the development of anti-Semitism and fascism in the world today lies in the struggles of the oppressed and exploited people of the world against US imperialism such as the Palestinian struggle against Zionism for self-determination. 

The call for US companies to divest themselves of their interests in occupied Palestine should extend to a demand for the necessary revolutionary changes within the US empire without which intervention into the affairs of other countries remains inevitable. Our efforts should not only oppose some things without a clear stand in support of their necessary opposites.

This way we will simultaneously work to displace apartheid and create something new and necessary in its place. In other words, we should not only oppose apartheid but also support revolutionary socialism and national liberation. 

The US regime imposes genocidal sanctions against oppressed nations as they try to recover from its catastrophic wars such as Syria and Yemen yet at the same time moves to criminalize and condemn Boycott, Divestments, Sanctions against the illegal Israeli occupation. The US regime abruptly imposes trade embargoes on Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Yemen, and Syria yet declares in the next breath that boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the Zionist entity constitute crimes.

This amounts to a complete inversion of justice that should lift the sanctions on Yemen, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela and instead impose them on the Zionist entity for its continued violations of international law and universal principles of human dignity and morality. Yemen, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba pose dangers to the US elite because they stand as examples to oppressed people everywhere that they can also effectively oppose US hegemony to establish independent societies. 

The victories of the Resistance Axis agitate the imperialist crisis and provide concrete support and great hope for the liberation of Iraq, the Syrian Golan, and Palestine. The question of fortifying the steadfastness of non-compliant nations such as Syria and Iran holds extraordinary importance under the present circumstances.

Apart from Syria and Iran no other states in the region definitively reject the existence of “Israel” and provide material support to Iraqi, Lebanese, and Palestinian Resistance that defeated the Zionists in South Lebanon and Gaza. In as much as the attacks on independent nations such as Syria constitute a point of entry for attacking the other forces of steadfastness and confrontation – all forces share responsibility for fortifying their relations to defend their common existence.

Those of us within the Empire who bear the urgent responsibility to build an anti-imperialist movement must do so in ways that include the disruption of military recruitment, weapons production, and demanding an end to embargoes imposed on nations like Iran and Syria which should instead sanction the Israeli occupation.

Now we need to organize to build a movement that will put forth a revolutionary agenda on how to use military spending, so that money that they squander on war will instead fund schools, hospitals, social programs and rebuild underprivileged areas.

The People’s War of the Palestinian Mujahideen subdued the technically advanced imperialist forces in the most recent victory of Gaza that took place in the wake of the expulsion of US contractor Lockheed Martin from Iraq. The Resistance Axis has carried on traditional and guerrilla warfare for years. In Iraq, the Resistance continues to strike the US bases and convoys after the expulsion of over 150,000 US troops – yet these developments remain ignored or glossed over by the capitalist media.

Similarly in Yemen what started as a genocidal campaign of racial extermination has turned into regular strikes of the defiant Yemeni Resistance against Aramco and military bases of a US client state. Some democrats only called for an end to the war after the US-led campaign failed to defeat the Yemeni Resistance – not out of concern for the Yemeni people who continue to suffer from the US-Saudi imposed blockade but to save face and escape another quagmire like Vietnam.

Imperialist media hides these developments to save the morale of the American administration and to prevent the masses from full awareness of guerrilla warfare against repressive forces that took over military bases in Iraq because it destroys the myth of US invincibility.

For over 50 years the US ruling class has waged a heightened campaign of psychological warfare to counteract the great revolutionary developments of the Vietnam era. Vietnam and the Islamic Revolution in Iran proved that the determined struggle of an oppressed people for independence could defeat the might of US imperialism.

The US has tried to repress this consciousness – even initially portrayed Vietnam as a victory – and all of the similar events ever since. The bourgeois media resorts to censorship and tries to mask the reality of the worldwide anti-imperialist struggle and its advances. The media has failed to accurately portray information and failed to allow equal access to information necessary for full participation in any true democracy they proclaim.

Monopoly corporations and US imperialism control the mass media – including social media – to bring the public mind under the control and ownership of the same US ruling class that owns the rest of the economy. They withhold “classified information” and push for laws that criminalize their publication. We cannot speak of changing the character of the mass media without changing the character of the entire system which produces and develops it.

The world must know and understand what takes place internationally – what the enemy seeks to eradicate and why in addition to the way to end this with peace restored and liberation achieved. 


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