The Blueprint for Masculinity (Podcast)

“There has been a death of masculinity.”

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“There has been a death of masculinity.”

On this week’s TMV Podcast, Salim sits down with Sayed Hussain Makke to discuss his mentorship program, called “Spiritual Warrior Program”, the masculinity crisis, and the archetypes of masculinity and its rippling effects on our society today.

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To listen to the full podcast, click below:

Sayed Hussain Makke, who runs a mentorship program called “Spiritual Warrior Program” that essentially helps men become men, speaks on the issues of masculinity (or lack of it), and why we need to restructure society to better help men become the men they should be.

One of the main issues, explains Sayed Makke, is that the traditional ways that society helped train and teach men to become men have eroded over time – now boys are growing up into adults without really learning how to become men.

Our traditional civilizations have eroded over time…there used to always be some sort of mentorship into manhood…but right now we don’t have that. We don’t have people teaching us how to be men. There has been a death of masculinity.”

One way of understanding the different traits and inherent characteristics of masculinity can be understood by dividing it into four archetypes, explains Sayyed Makke: the king, the magician, the warrior, and the lover. These are all different traits and different characteristics of what it means to be masculine, which unfortunately has been morphed and molded into toxic shadows of what they really are, however.

The archetypes of masculinity, the king, the magician, the warrior, and the lover all have shadow forms, which according to Sayed Makke, means that instead of becoming the men they should, men today fall into the shadow forms, or the toxic forms, of the kind of masculinity they should be emulating. For example, instead of taking on the traits of leadership and servitude that a king should have, we have men who become aggressive and narcissistic – this essentially is what we label as toxic masculinity today.

This crisis in masculinity is affecting women and families deeply today – 60% of couples who married between the ages of 20 and 25 end in divorce today, and not having a religious belief means that couples are 14% more likely to get divorced, according to new statistics. Families, because of the lack of understanding around masculinity, are suffering explains Sayed Makke.

Traditional family structures are being eroded today…if we really educate ourselves as men, on how to truly be men, then not only will we give justice back to the sisters, but justice to ourselves.”

Masculinity must be understood for what it really is, Sayed Makke stresses, and we must collectively work towards expelling the negative shadow forms of the masculine traits that are so desperately needed in our world today. “The mature masculine is not toxic at all,” Sayed Makke says, and calls on all men to truly take a step forward in better understanding and emulating what it means to be a real man.

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