Mystic Man Beard Balm is Everything It Promises to Be

After travelling across four countries to find the secrets behind hair care remedies, Mystic Man founder Justin Mashouf has produced a high-quality and safe grooming product every man needs in his cabinet!

After travelling across four countries to find the secrets behind hair care remedies, Mystic Man founder Justin Mashouf has produced a high-quality and safe grooming product every man needs in his cabinet!

When it comes to men’s grooming, having a healthy beard is usually the most important achievement. In fact, nothing says masculine like a well-groomed beard. We all know how much better men look with an alpha mane. You could rock a thousand-dollar suit, but if your beard is scruffy or patchy, it could ruin your entire look.

You just need the right product.

Fortunately for you, we tried and tested a number of beard grooming kits and found Mystic Man Beard Balm to be the most impressive. After using Mystic Man beard oil and pomade, it was clear that this was a brand that diligently caters to the needs of men trying to grow or maintain a proper beard.

So, what sold us on the Mystic Man beard balm? Let’s find out…

The Story Behind the Mystic Man Beard Balm

Justin Mashouf, the founder of Mystic Man, was a producer and editor for TV for over 11 years living in LA. Sometime in 2014, Justin felt inspired to start a company that provided some social good to the world. Obsessed with ancient wisdom, Justin wondered if he could make organic beard oils that utilize natural herbs and organic ingredients that come from sustainable sources. His obsession turned into reality.

Justin Mashouf with The Dalai Lama


Filled with a determination to succeed, Justin dedicated years of his life to researching the formula for organic beard grooming products. During trips to Pakistan, Iran, Tunisia, and India, he searched to better understand traditional hair care remedies and how to combine these natural ingredients. Meeting with various practitioners of traditional healing, he gathered insight into the marvelous workings of herbal medicine. During this time, Justin even met with the Dalai Lama. In the end, Justin’s hard work paid off, and he started Mystic Man, which specializes in sustainable and organic beard and hair care products. But what makes the Mystic Man beard balm such a wonder? How does a simple product filled with natural ingredients encourage hair growth so fast?

It does so through one main ingredient … Sedr.

Sedr Has Herbal Conditioning Properties

Sedr is a natural remedy that is used in various Muslim cultures. It is an evergreen tree found in northern and tropical Africa and in southern and western Asia. The Ziziphus spina-christi has great significance in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions and is believed to be the tree from which Jesus’s Crown of Thorns was made. In some chapters of the Quran, the Sedr is known to be a sacred tree and was used by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

But what makes Sedr so potent?

Organic Ziziphus Powder, commonly known as Sedr, is an Ayurvedic herb that enriches the volume and curls in hair. Many studies give credence to the effectiveness of Ziziphus as a medicine for treating many ailments like high cholesterol, insomnia, etc. When mixed in a solution, Sedr thickens hair strands without adding any color whatsoever. Overall, it is the ideal treatment for fine, delicate hair and beard strands.

Sedr extract is a major ingredient in the Mystic Man balm.

Even now, Sedr powder is used to cleanse and condition hair, adding thickness to hair strands and protecting hair against damage. Mystic Man leverages its benefits and uses sedr in a way that encourages increased hair growth.

An Organic Beard Balm Like No Other

With many men interested in grooming more than ever, the personal care market has been saturated with products that do not work. In fact, a lot of beard grooming products are filled with petrochemicals that may cause more harm than good, not only to the user but to the environment as well.

Mystic Man seeks to change that. Its entire production process is 100% sustainable, as every beard balm and oil is made with natural ingredients like Sedr, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Also, Mystic Man understands that natural is best, and as such, uses the finest 100% USDA-approved organic ingredients. Its organic oils blend uniquely with sedr extract, which conditions and protects hair as well as encouraging healthy growth.

Justin Mashouf, the founder of Mystic Man, admits he started the brand to reflect his values of sustainable and organic beard and hair products. In an interview with VoyageLA, he says,

“Mystic Man Beard Oil was founded to bring a new level to men’s personal care and grooming… We’re inspired by the power of the positive influence of the great mystics throughout history and strive towards leaving the world a better place through sustainability, extraordinary service, social goodness, and higher ethical values.”

Mystic Man Beard Oil

Unpacking Mystic Man Beard Oil and Pomade

Without a doubt, Mystic Man makes some of the best organic beard grooming kits out there. They are suppliers of organic beard oil for beard growth and beard pomade for styling, available to every bearded man around the world. When used together, both beard oil and pomade can work wonders for you.

Here is a quick review of both products:

Mystic Man Beard Oil

This beard oil is composed of 100% USDA-certified organic oils and is made with organic ingredients like the Sedr extract from the Ziziphus spina-christi tree. Every drop of this exotic beard oil is full of an all-natural blend of black seed, jojoba, rosemary, sandalwood, sunflower, sesame, and coconut oils.

Furthermore, Mystic Man Beard Oil is the perfect conditioner for your beard hair, giving it the protection it needs to breathe and grow. After applying the oil, you will get subtle hints of sandalwood and rosemary as it works to reduce beard flaking and itching. This product is hypoallergenic and is stored in a dark glass bottle to keep sunlight from reducing the effectiveness of the beard oil. In our experience, we saw a noticeable difference in increased growth after two weeks of daily use.

Mystic Man Beard Pomade

In addition to its organic beard oil, Mystic Man provides styling pomades that transform the grizzly tangle on your face into a healthy cheek of hair. By combining sedr extract with coconut oil, olive oil, organic beeswax, and other essential oils, this beard pomade will smoothen out your scruff, turning it into a smooth and slick beard.

Mystic Man Beard Pomade, like the beard oil, is hypoallergenic and organic. It provides the right amount of moisture and shine to give your beard and hair a special makeover.