Gaza Emergency: How You Can Help

Gaza has a destroyed infrastructure, and the ongoing airstrikes and bombs aren’t helping the situation get any better.

Can you really call Gaza’s siege an emergency? Gaza is entering its 13th year of being under a blockade that has taken a damaging toll on the civilians who live there. In addition, the nine-day attack in May 2021 had damaged the city to its core. 

Despite the ceasefire, the dispute over land rights remains unresolved. Ceasefires have also happened nine other times in the past, and yet death tolls keep rising, according to The New York Times.  

Gaza Emergency: A Humanitarian Crisis

Gaza has a destroyed infrastructure, and the ongoing airstrikes and bombs aren’t helping the situation get any better. Sewage systems in Gaza have been decimated, making access to clean water even more difficult and causing more people to die of water-borne diseases such as cholera.

The only health clinic in Gaza, which housed a coronavirus test laboratory, had also been destroyed in May, opening the way for an even faster COVID-19 spread. Hospitals and clinics are already in high demand in Occupied Palestine, and with so many getting destroyed, this makes it even harder for people to get vital treatment.

Gazans in Poverty

It is no surprise that continuous attacks on Gaza have led to more than half of the population living under the poverty line.

Gazans have been seeking normalcy for so long, and yet whenever they think the worst is over, they get shoved down again. We as a world have been battling the war that we call the pandemic, but we can’t forget people who have been battling several wars and hiding during airstrikes their whole lives.

The people of Gaza want to have a home, have steady work and income, and raise their children to pursue their dreams, but that can’t be done when all their hopes of normalcy get crushed and broken into pieces in a matter of seconds.

A boy walking in the rubble of what was left of his home and neighborhood in Gaza.| Zakat Foundation of America photo

How Can You Help?

Zakat Foundation of America, a trusted humanitarian organization based in Chicago, has been on the ground in Palestine for over 15 years. They have been working diligently to ensure emergency aid is delivered properly to those who need it most.

The humanitarian organization also partners with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency USA (UNRWA) to help repair houses destroyed in the Gaza Strip. If you’re looking for ways to help, please visit their website, where you can donate as little as $5 USD to make a significant impact.

Let’s help ease the pain of those who have been battling wars their entire lives. Slowly but surely.

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