Top 10 Muslim Authored Books to Read in 2022

Are you looking to update your personal library? Check out these top ten Muslim authored books!

Are you looking to update your personal library? Check out these top ten Muslim authored books!

Muslims are making serious strides in the creative world!

Recently, we brought your our top podcasts for 2022. We’ve now unearthed ten books authored by Muslims who attempt to tackle various Islamic tropes. These are must-reads!

Check out the list below!

Punching The Air

Authored by Ibi Zoboi and Yusuf Salaam, this book explores the life of a 16-year-old black boy who is wrongfully imprisoned.

Despite his hardships, this young man maintains his humanity and dignity against discriminatory systems – with the help of his passion for art and poetry.

The book is widely available online.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know

Author Samira Ahmed follows the story of two young women trying to break free from cultural tradition and the usual family pressure.

In the book, the women attempt to find their path – will they succeed? Find out.

It’s Not About The Burqa

Mariam Khan tackles the key issues women face head-on in her book.

This work contains 17 essays from 17 women who speak on various topics such as misogyny, navigating the workplace, the hijab to Islamophobia and oppression.

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Salt Houses

Set amid the Six-Day War and later Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, Hala Ayan paints a picture of Palestinian born Alia and her Kuwaiti husband trying to escape war and eviction at every turn.

The book provides an insight into the Palestinian struggle.

Secrets of Divine Love

A. Helwa combines scientific evidence, meditation, along with secrets from the Qur’an and the lives of the great saints and Prophets to help the reader reignite their faith.

This book is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their Creator.

Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

Syrian immigrant Khadra Shamy grew up in a devout, tightly knit Muslim family in 1970s Indiana, at the crossroads of bad polyester and Islamic dress codes. Along with her brother Eyad and her African-American friends, Hakim and Hanifa, she bikes the Indianapolis streets exploring the fault-lines between “Muslim” and “American.”

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All American Muslim Girl

Allie Abraham is a biracial American Muslim facing an identity crisis. Her father is non-practising, and her partner’s father is highly Islamophobic, whilst the partner himself doesn’t know she’s a Muslim! The book follows Allie’s journey as she tries to navigate her faith, identity, and race.

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The Beauty of Your Face

Teacher and daughter of Palestinian immigrants Afaf Rahman faces a terrifying ordeal when a shooter attacks her school.

Afaf freezes as the shooter makes his way through the school. Suddenly, her memories take her back to various points of her past, from the bigotry she faced as a youth, her mother’s desire to one day return to Palestine and how the disappearance of her sister shook her family to the core – yet sweeter memories of her father make their way into Afaf’s mind too.

The book follows Afaf as she rekindles her relationship with Islam.


Author Somaiya Daud delivers a story of 18-year-old Amani who is kidnapped from her home by an evil regime and battles with her cultural identity – all with a sci-fi twist!

By sheer fate, Amani is an identical twin to an evil princess. The latter leads the regime, and Amani is kidnapped to take her place as a body double due to hatred directed towards the princess by the community she rules over. If anything were to happen, the regime prefers to keep the princess safe and are happy to sacrifice Amani in her place.

Amani, who aspires to be a poet, faces a dilemma – the glitter of the royal palace that she enjoys barely masks the brutal reality of this regimes occupation.

How does Amani navigate this situation? Find out.

Written in the Stars

Naila represents what is likely to be the struggle of many Muslims worldwide. The novel provides an insight into how she struggles to balance being American and a Muslim.

Her parents are convinced she is forgetting who she is, so the family takes a trip to Pakistan to help Naila rediscover her roots. In an unexpected twist, Naila’s parents go behind her back and force her into an arranged marriage. Back home in America awaits the man she truly loves. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late?

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