Exclusive documentary on life in Trump’s America premieres this Sunday on British Muslim TV

Sunday 5th February at 6pm exclusively on British Muslim TV!

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Sunday 5th February at 6pm exclusively on British Muslim TV!

This Sunday sees the premiere of an exciting new documentary on British Muslim TV. ‘Hayat in Trump’s America’ – provides an insight into the new challenges and opportunities for Muslims under President Trump’s new administration as well as examining the contributing factors that led to both his election win and the implementation of his policies banning some Muslim’s.
The one hour documentary attempts to provide an impartial insight into what is a changing and challenging environment for Muslims.

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“We were keen to provide a detailed insight as Muslim’s and American Muslim’s generally haven’t had an impartial medium for them to communicate their true thoughts on what is a life changing period in history that impacts their lives” – Salma Hayat, Co-Producer

Hayat in America encapsulates coverage of President Trump’s inauguration, the subsequent protesting and extensive interviews and contributions from some of the most hardest to reach communities in Michigan and South Carolina, all the way to DC based expert professors, politicians, celebrity journalists, former state department advisors and ambassadors. Most notable is the contributing opinion of the largest neo-nazi, white supremacist groups in the United States the National Socialist Movement.

“Securing an interview with the NSM was no easy feat, some questioned whether it was both safe and realistic to achieve. But in these tough times one can’t hold back, as journalists and producers we must stay impartial and not be afraid to seek the answers. Interestingly the NSM revealed they are not against Muslim’s legally entering the United States” – Joseph Hayat, Co-Producer.

The documentary airs this Sunday 5th of February at 1800 GMT on British Muslim TV, Sky Channel 845, on Freeview channel 244 via Vision TV and online via BritishMuslim.tv