Qibla Watch: A Seamless Smartwatch for Prayer Times and Qibla Direction

The Qibla Watch™ is a new smartwatch that tells you the prayer time and Qibla direction no matter where in the world you are! And best of all, it won’t sell your personal data! Read more about this groundbreaking new watch and all its features.

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The Qibla Watch™ is a new smartwatch that tells you the prayer time and Qibla direction no matter where in the world you are! And best of all, it won’t sell your personal data! Read more about this groundbreaking new watch and all its features.

A staggering 85% of users asked in a poll use a phone application to keep track of their prayer timings and Qibla direction. However, with the ever-increasing busyness of day-to-day schedules, the current solution is definitely not ideal. 

In order to access the prayer time schedule or Qibla direction, one might just find themselves having to unlock the phone, find the correct app, wait through countless 5-second ads before you could even access the timings of the next prayer or the Qibla compass, not to mention trying to guess if their personal data is kept secure… Really, is there no better solution?!

I even found myself uncomfortably waiting, on multiple occasions, for an inappropriate ad to end before I could access the prayer time screen! Imagine the horror when all you want to see the time for Asr, you see an ad for a fitness app with half naked bodies or a game app promoting haram activities!”  

Enter TAKVA, the team behind MasjidHub™ and Qibla Watch™, who believe that there can be a more dedicated, user-friendly, and convenient solution to meet the needs of busy Muslims worldwide.

We wanted to develop a smart device purely dedicated to Muslims who prioritize their faith as part of their lifestyle. Not just that, but we want to prove that it IS also possible to retain the privacy of our users’ personal data in an ever-increasing digitalized and public world.”

Meryem Chin, co-founder of TAKVA.

TAKVA’s solution is all-rounded. The MasjidHub™ app is built with the very aim of keeping user data private and secure while delivering an easy-to-use, ad-free, and aesthetically pleasing interface for the phone. Synced with the Qibla Watch™, the experience heightens as all the information that one may need is shown, at a glance, on the screen. 

Forget extensive manuals and pressing countless buttons for setting up, too. This watch combines a user-friendly experience from setup to use, well befitting to the busyness of everyday life.

Prayer times and Qibla directions are easily accessed by a swipe of the finger so that the aspiring Muslim is able to keep on top of his/her prayers even throughout their busy life schedule (a staggering 65% of users that we polled pray according to their schedule throughout the day, instead of allocating a fixed time!)

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The Tesbih feature on both the Qibla Watch™ and MasjidHub™ app, too, is a unique touch that could increase the habit of dhikr. 

By implementing a daily goal feature that users can easily customize to their own achievable pace, the Qibla Watch™, being always accessible at the wrist, serves as a convenient tool to count one’s dhikr by tapping on the screen, and this information is translated to the MasjidHub™ app to keep track of the user’s personal dhikr goals.

Other features such as customizable prayer countdown notifications, heart-rate and exercise tracking tools, and basic player controls for the Qur’an are also included in the watch. With a standby battery time of up to 30 days and certified waterproof IP67, the Qibla Watch™ is built to be brought along on many travel adventures.

What about the setup process, you may ask? How does the Qibla Watch™ compare to the other watches in the market that may offer similar solutions? One thing for sure is that you no longer have to press countless multiple buttons trying to find your country and city or read through confusing manuals on how to set up your watch according to your preferred calculation methods. All these are seamlessly and immediately synced from the MasjidHub™ app to the Qibla Watch™, with a foolproof setup process that is as easy as it is speedy.

As always per TAKVA’s ethos, they have contemplated from the very beginning the lifestyles and habits of the Muslim community- and created a solution to fit their needs instead of pushing them to accept what’s in the market but doesn’t work as well.

Qibla Watch™ brings forth the ability to keep informed of daily prayer times and Qibla directions at a glance, and in turn, it may encourage our Muslim brethren to explore and travel freely without compromising on their faith.

Watch this video for more information about this groundbreaking innovation.

The Qibla Watch™ project is backed by Enterprise Singapore and is currently crowdfunding for production on Kickstarter, with a special discount for early backers. If you would like to see, this product come to life, support the project now at Kickstarter.