5 best coffee shops in London

Today I heard that Costa coffee delivers. I doubt that’s true because if they did, I would know about it. You see, I am a self proclaimed coffee addict. I love its smell, the bitter sweetness of it and that warm feeling it gives me in cold days like these. I could probably write poems about it too (imagine that, Nour the coffee poet!)

So, from one coffee addict to another, I will let you know my 5 favourite places in London to get this splendid beverage from.

1. Caffé Concerto in Westfield (White City)

If you’re ever in Westfield and wish to go for a small coffee break, the best place to visit is Caffé Concerto. Not only do they have a rich blend coffee, but they also have some of the most delicious cakes you’ll ever taste. Fruits, chocolate ganache, vanilla cream or even cheesecakes, they make some great desserts which will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. Not only that, their restaurant offers a beautiful seating area, perfect for friends to catch up or to take a break from your shopping.

2. Macchiato Bar Tonino Lamborghini’s Cafe in Brent Cross

Ahh, this coffee place was discovered by accident. When in Brent Cross, I usually just visit Costa, but that day, I needed a quick coffee fix. Caffé Macchiato is the perfect place if you want to have a rich velvety latte. It isn’t a place to sit down; rather it is for quick latte on the go when you’re in a hurry.

3. Grind Coffee Bar in Westfield (Stratford)

Looking for a cosy place to go to in this huge shopping centre? A place to relax and sit whilst discussing world issues with your friends? Go no further – Grind Coffee is the place for you. Drink their lattes and you’ll realise that every other latte you’ve had was a fake trying to pose for a latte. Yes. It’s that good.

4. Costa (anywhere in the world)

Flat white. Two words. One meaning. Heaven.

5. Costa in Willesden (yes, again!)

Okay so winter season is here. You want coffee but at the same time you want hot chocolate. First world problems right there. Ahhh, but I have the solution for you, costa’s mocha latte. Two shots of coffee and one of hot chocolate and you’ve solved all of your life’s problem right there. Best Costa so far for this amazing beverage is the one in Willesden.

Go on, try them all and thank me later.