10 mouthwatering Halal food Instagram accounts to follow


10 mouthwatering Halal food Instagram accounts to follow


So we doubt any of you are new to the social media scene but we thought it would be worthwhile sharing some of our favourite halal food pages on Instagram. You can find our post on inspirational Islamic pages here.

1 . Steak and Teeth

A halal blog run by a dental student based in the United Kingdom. Proceed with caution: may cause serious food envy!

2. Halal Gems

Possibly the best one out there! Halal Gems has a restaurant finder and a digital magazine. Can we get a takbir?


3. Halal Food NYC

So the name gives it away, but follow Talha and Abdallah on their search for halal food in New York. The best part is the fact they not only show the amazing food, but also the price and address of where to find it all!

4. Man vs Halal Food

Based in Leicester and giving us all the feels with the awesome destinations and even more amazing food.

5. MakanIndaBeranti

Two hungry Bruneian’s on their permanent hunt for halal food in London and Brunei. Where do we sign up?

6. Halal Foodie

We were basically attracted to the name at first. And then we saw the food. All food found in and around Canada!

7. Haloodie

Another foodie, but this one shares food from around the world and welcomes you to share your own snaps. The Haloodie app is coming soon too, so watch this space!

8. My Big Fat Halal Blog

Anything that reminds us of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a sure winner. Follow these two halal food bloggers based in London. Did we mention they share some of their own recipes too?

9. The Halal Food Diaries

When doctors finally approve of your love for food. Half doctor, half foodie based in London.

10. Halal Hunt

It’s all in the name. I think it’s time to become best friends with these guys!

Got any more suggestions? Drop us a comment!

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