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The remains of a mihrab are uncovered in Spain dating as far back as 1485

Ronda is famed to be one of the best Islamic cities to visit in Andalusia as it contains a rich history. It was the birthplace of many important Islamic Andalusi figures such as the famous Abbas ibn Furnas, one of the first men who attempted to fly.

The Visigoths ruled Ronda until the Arab invasion of 713 AD. The Muslims renamed it to Hisn Ar-Rundah and made it the capital of the Ummayad Caliphate. The city at that time more or less occupied the current old town centre (La Ciudad), located south of the gorge.

Ronda was one of the last outposts of Islamic rule in Andalusia, and was only conquered in 1485 by the Spanish, who then gradually drove out the remaining Muslim population. In the 17th and 18th century, Ronda expanded north across the gorge into the new town (El Mercadillo), and the Puente Nuevo was finished in 1793 to connect both parts.

In this gallery, you can see the remains of a mihrab in what used to be a masjid. The building was converted into a church after the city’s conquest by Castille in 1485.

For more information on Ronda or to plan a visit during your next stay in Spain, check out: www.rondatoday.com

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