5 Inspirational Black Muslim Women to Celebrate

Here is to celebrating and respecting the power and influence of our Black Muslim sisters around the world!

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Here is to celebrating and respecting the power and influence of our Black Muslim sisters around the world!

Muslim women are often a minority within a minority – whether it’s because of gender or the wearing of a hijab, Muslim women are often battling both Islamophobia and misogyny in our world today. On top of this, many of our Black Muslim sisters face systematic and societal racism as well – and while the experiences and lives of women across the world cannot be labeled and defined under one word, it remains important for the wider Muslim community to recognize the achievements and inspiration of Black Muslim women amidst the ongoing protests against anti-Black racism.

Here are just 5 examples of some of the most inspiring Black Muslim women breaking down stereotypes, barriers, and getting their voices heard.

1. Ibtihaj Muhammad

Ibtihaj made history in 2016 as the first American woman to compete in hijab at the Olympics, where she won a bronze medal in women’s fencing. She has become an icon for Muslim women around the world, inspiring others to remain steadfast and true to their beliefs.

2. Hawa Abdi

Abdi is Somalia’s first female gynecologist and runs a hospital, school, and nutritional center with her two daughters. They have served an estimated 2 million people since the 1980s – remaining not only an inspiration to the women of Somalia but to women everywhere who have dreams of helping others.

3. Poetic Pilgrimage

Sukina Douglas and Muneera Williams are a hip-hop duo who continues to break barriers with their music, exploring their love for their Muslim faith, Jamaican culture, and hip-hop. Bringing together creative artistry, their love and faith, and their cultural background, Poetic Pilgrimage is an inspiration to anyone wanting to better explore ways to express their love for Allah.

4. Alaa Salah

Alaa rose to fame after an iconic photo of her as part of the anti-government protest in Sudan went viral. She symbolized the role women played on the front lines in the revolution, which helped topple Oman al-Bashir from over three decades of authoritarian rule, and helped the world recognize the importance and inspiration women have in helping better shape society.

5. Ilhan Omar

Omar was one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress, after serving in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2017 to 2019. Despite facing immense harassment and Islamophobia at the hands of political opponents and the far-right, she has remained committed to her cause, and continues to propose ideas towards positive change in American society.

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